60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure cheat – an action game in a role-playing format and post-apocalypse setting. This is a survival test that will show how prepared you are for unforeseen situations. You will be given only one minute to go through it, well, then hell will begin. The game will please with pleasant hand-drawn elements, a touch of black humor and originality of the gameplay. Do not miss the chance to test your strength in a world that is about to be ashes.

The signal to start a nuclear war came unexpectedly, and all the inhabitants of a small town, somewhere in America, began to fuss. They say that in a minute the explosion will destroy all living things. And it is so much that you are given to collect your wife and children, some food and get into the prepared bunker. Take only those things that will allow you to last as many days as possible.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure cheat

There is a certain complexity here, because the whole outcome directly depends on your choice. In the future, you will have to spend several agonizing weeks in a concrete prison, waiting for it to end. If there is not enough food, your family will die with you and it will all be on your conscience. Therefore, it is the first 60-second level to solve everything. Run through the rooms of the room, grab everything that provides value and instantly in the shelter. Also, you should pay attention to the game The Walking Dead: Our World.

The gameplay is a complex strategy, because if you start the first level again, you get into a new building. Develop any tactics or get out a good memory will not work. You need to rely on intuition and the desire to save relatives. Well, all the fun will be waiting for you already locked up.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure cheat codes

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The game does not bother, thanks to the mass variations of endings. One action triggers a chain reaction for the subsequent development of storylines. If you like difficult challenges of survival, you can safely hope for this application. Download 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure for Android can be free on that page.


Very good game and very well done on the mobile but wish that some of the new stuff on pc will come to Android love the game.

Worth it but it’s not very strategical at all it’s more just getting lucky enough times until you win. It’s fun and I enjoy it but at the same time I wish there was more strategy to it like say when you don’t have the right item to complete. A task at hand say a radio then they should give you opportunities to get that said radio instead of just being screwed.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure hack

There should be a way to craft items or repair items or maybe even search the surface for certain items just make it more dangerous and take a lot longer to come back from the expedition. Then I would give this game the full 5 stars but as the way the game is right now it’s kinda of wishy washy. And you’re basically just playing game after game waiting until you get the right generation of good loot and choices because there’s. A chance the loot you grabbed that was useful last game now can be useless the next depending on what the military asks of you.


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