Alien Shooter-a lot of money for Android and iOS. Cheats and codes for passage, the full version of the game. Unlock all items, boosters and tooltips. Alien Shooter is a mobile version of the iconic shooter for personal computers.

In the story you have to play for the paratrooper, who was sent on a deadly mission. Thousands of dangerous mutants appeared from nowhere in the research laboratory, ready to destroy concrete walls at any second and break through. Now the main character needs to stop an entire army of creatures by all means.

Alien Shooter hack

Each level will be more difficult, because not only the power of monsters will grow, but also their number. There will be all new types of creatures, many times stronger than their predecessors. At the disposal of the protagonist there is a large arsenal of weapons – machine guns, pistols, flame throwers, shotguns, rocket launchers.

Alien Shooter cheat codes, hacking for Andorid & IOS:

  • Full version – JEL_#HE3902

Many tasks are not reduced to a simple cleaning of the premises, but require a special action to be performed – to press the lever to open the door, turn on the electric power, to make lighting, to mine the passage.

Alien Shooter cheat codes are free, the player can choose the gender of his character, though this will not affect the gameplay, only change the appearance of the character. New, more effective weapons need to buy for coins earned during the killing of monsters. This version of the game is hacked for money, so it will be easy to acquire a powerful flamethrower.

Alien Shooter cheat

Also, for the game currency, you can buy other, equally important things – first-aid kits and armor, to increase the survival rate, a flashlight and a night vision device to improve visibility. Or you can buy a combat flying drone, which will become a faithful companion of the character.

Some player reviews:

Pretty fun game to play for how old this game is. It looks to he a port from the PC or game console platform. Whatever it is, it has the three criterias of being a good game: decent graphics, smooth gameplay with out lags, and decent controller for the touch screen.

Great game but there are so manh inconsistencies that needs fixing. The autoaim is good when using the infinite dual pistols but when I used it at the grenade launcher and shotgun, its the worst kind of auto aim. It sucks. If this was a multiplayer campaign, that would be great, uninstalling because it needs more players to win. I tried Hard Mode for my first time, its too easy.


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