Amazing Fishing – drawn arcade game with a slightly fabulous gameplay. At the time of passage you will become an avid fisherman, trying to catch absolutely all kinds of individuals in a variety of reservoirs. At your disposal will be an impressive set of gear and fishing gear, through which you can catch the most resourceful representatives of the underwater world. Choose the bait, throw the float away and the first catch will not take long.

Gradually, you will be able to catch the order of fifty species of fish, squid and other individuals. Be careful, because in some waters there are extremely dangerous predators that can instantly discourage the desire to fish. Here you will meet with huge bosses who are able not only to swallow the bait, but also your boat, so be cunning and extremely careful. On the site you will find many more games and tips for passing.

Amazing Fishing cheat

Expand the game map to quickly get to the rare specimens of fish, do not forget to use special enhancements and items through which you can quickly succeed. Download Amazing Fishing for Android and try to pass all the prepared tests for strength and speed.

Amazing Fishing cheat, codes

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Reviews Amazing Fishing

If you don’t like adds then go offline. It’s a nice game to kill some time but 7.99 a week? are you serious? i would pay 50 cents a month tops for what this game has to offer. Developer is out of his mind to ask 32$ a month for this. it’s insulting.

Amazing Fishing hack

I love this game!especially i saw an easter egg that when i was at the maxinum length there was a golden creature i didnt mentioned in the fish collection and the name of that golden creature is a sea rabbit. This creature was not in my fish collection.please update this game so thati could see the sea rabbit in the fish collection!

I like the game, but the more you play the more ads start showing up. I would start fishing then when I get back to the top after seeing how much I got from the fish I caught, theres an ad it happens every time. Theres just too many of them and makes me not want to play because of them.


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