Hacked by Amber’s Airline: High Hopes, all parts of the game are free. A lot of money, unlimited resources on android, ios. Amber’s Airline: High Hopes is a mobile economic manager who talks about the adventures of a young flight attendant. This game shows us that dreams can come true if we really want this. The gameplay itself, visuals and style are very similar to Maggie’s Movies – Camera, Action !. Help Amber to become the best in his business, travel around the planet. Meet interesting people and learn a lot of interesting things.

Do flight attendants difficult work, but it is full of pleasant moments. Your task is to maintain order in every way and serve the customers flying your airplanes. Since the game is positioned in the genre of the time manager, you should do all the tasks as quickly as possible, trying to avoid mistakes. Then you can quickly increase the level of skill and earn some money for the development of the heroine. And if you like to fly, then most likely the game Bouncemasters will cause genuine interest.

Amber's Airline - High Hopes cheat

The first steps will be quite complicated. After all, Amber must first pass the exam, namely, to work with passengers at the airport. You will check luggage, tickets, documents and learn communication with people.

Amber’s Airline cheat

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For more than fifty levels you have to go through an incredibly difficult training. The work of a flight attendant only at first glance seems to be a dream, but in reality it is a constant work and self-improvement. You will also be available to upgrade skills Amber, which will improve and accelerate its work.

Visit the mini-games section and try your luck at them. These tasks will bring the necessary funds for the development of a flight attendant, but they will be extremely small. In this regard, we have added Amber’s Airline: High Hopes cheat codes on this page. They work on Android / iOS platforms and allow you to access paid resources. Unlock all parts of the game and enjoy simple, but entertaining gameplay.

Amber’s Airline – High Hopes game reviews

Not sure why this game is underrated. Gameplay’s straightforward with a surprisingly good story backing it up. But what’s pitching me most into this game is how it’s pretty much 100% free game. No win-to-play BS and it doesn’t shove ads to your face everytime – rather. They’re displayed RIGHT when we actually need a breather after a hectic stage. Very well put-out, graphics are wonderful, audio is amazing and animations are smooth. I find it a thoroughly enjoyable game and deserving of praises.

Amber's Airline - High Hopes hack

Not that I’ve ever disliked a Gamehouse game, but this one seems to be just a bit better than most. I wasn’t sure I liked the new 3D-style graphics at first, but it really adds to characters’ expressions and movements, so that’s fun!

And I love the addition of mini-games within the levels; it really gives every set of levels it’s own feel and challenge. And makes my brain hurt. But in a good way. I also really love the way your job keeps changing. Just when you’ve mastered stamping tickets suddenly your on to x-raying luggage. Again, yay!

The only thing that makes me slightly sad is that the people you serve never seem to change. I like in other Gamehouse games when the ridiculous VIPs would show up, but in this one the same normal people show up everywhere you go. I’m also finding that the game crashes when you open it once in a while and sometimes I think I can hear two different music tracks at once. But the game is everything I wanted from it, so these aren’t a big deal for me!


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