Angry Birds 2 hacking – an arcade project, part of the iconic line of games about the confrontation of pigs and angry birds. The application received an updated visual design and hundreds of new gaming locations. Not without serious additions that significantly improved the gameplay, for example. Now each player can independently determine the characters that will soon be launched by enemy units. Such a decision seriously expands the strategic potential and it will become much more interesting for a gamer to bomb pig farms.

After starting the player can decide on the mode of passage. In addition to the standard campaign, a network opposition is available. In which you can try your hand at battles against other participants.

The essence of the gameplay and the basic rules have not undergone fundamental changes: having several feathered friends under control,. You need to mark opponents in the towers for the minimum number of shots. Almost all facilities are amenable to destruction, for which you will also receive game points.

Angry Birds 2 cheat

Pigs also became stronger and more adventurous characters. Now, if you get into their fortresses. But do not completely destroy them, they will begin to rebuild it with a bullet. In addition, special leaders have been added on the island, which are even harder to destroy. If you like casual games, then pay attention to the game Bloons TD 6.

Angry Birds 2 cheat & codes:

  • Precious pouch of gems – OuQBXkR5MN
  • Blue’s Bling! – GAZlxsnQyD
  • Chuck’s Cheddar! – pbqIPuvbMv
  • Precious bags of gems – dd3MHe0eYQ
  • Chest of gems – yYR2Enoymy
  • Gem Letter – OhP8tPpEgj
  • Matilda’s Marvels! – PNrRH2qbjS
  • Food Pack – O5QsyrqbYL
  • Offer Pack M – ljl1pj4EWP

Fortunately. Your charges will have unique spells that can be used in the most difficult situation. One of the useful innovations that you will surely enjoy, is in the rascalometer – a special scale of destruction. If you fill it up as quickly as possible, another combat bird will be given to you.

Angry Birds 2 hack

The game has a lot of fun moments, and the complete destructibility of the virtual environment gives the gameplay action and dynamics. Get for each passed location unique abilities and bonuses to increase the combat training of units. Use the codes Angry Birds 2 for Android/iOS and get even more privileges. With a lot of money mod you will be able to make the most of all the game chips.


This game has come a long way in graphics and overall look. My biggest gripe with the game is all the accessories, lives needed to replay a level as well as the game itself forcing me to open chests and put on accessories. This game would be so much better without all of this. Just let me fling a little bird at the fricken pigs. Does this wig on my bird make it faster or stronger? Hell no! Just make it basic as hell and it’ll get 5 stars.

Angry Birds 2 mod

I’ll admit, I’m 41 and new to the Angry Bird craze, but I know why its so popular. Its HILARIOUS! Both kids and adults can enjoy it because of its slapstick humor and simple approach of using emotional sounds instead of words to communicate. Honestly, I’ve never seen pigs hunt for eggs, but whatever works for the show! The game is just as great. Its very easy to play, fun to enjoy, and a laugh riot! The fat bird is by far the best one to use, so unlock him first. The mini games are cool too.


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