Angry Birds Go Hacked – Welcome to the Pig Island Racetracks! Enjoy super speed at the finish line! Get ready for sharp turns and breathtaking descents and ascents! Be extremely attentive, you are waiting for not only the threat on the road, but also many ruthless competitors. Overtake them all to one, get prizes, improve your skills and become one of the best, and maybe the best racer of the island! Here we go…

Jump on the wheel of your car, fight for any Angry Birds hero (Chuck, Red, King of Pigs, Mustached Baron …). You will notice how the Pig Island will change, how colorful and lively it will open up to you. Check your strength in the Campaign Mode, feel the beauty of racing, get a whole bunch of pleasant surprises and valuable prizes. You can also meet your favorite characters in the games Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds 2.

The mass of racing routes, super-complex areas, planning in the air and rally over rough terrain will not leave indifferent even the most avid gamer. Clash your rivals from the road and take the lead in the race with the help of individual super abilities open for each player!

Angry Birds Go cheat codes

  • Coin Doubler (Double Coins Forever) – i4t6agm1oE
  • Box of Gems – TjVAkO2XLN
  • Seedway Kart Offer – dV1Pm6ktM9
  • Super Roaster – D1GkwSqazF
  • Sub-Zero Kart Offer – g6wqQkNRE2

Upgrade your car, collect new cards without forgetting to improve them, and you will certainly become the strongest race driver of the island. Do not forget to compete in the Tournaments for Time, climb to the head of the list, winning all sorts of prizes. Take part in Daily Racing, look for hidden boxes on the track.

Angry Birds Go cheat

They are hidden valuable gifts and prizes. Strive to achieve better results in the game with friends using a Wi-Fi network. And all this in real time !!! And, finally, one of the long-awaited new products – Angry Birds Go Telepodes. Teleport your favorite figure from home right into the game. And this is only the beginning !!! Follow the news from the creators and enjoy the gameplay.

You can use Angry Birds Go cheat codes on Android, iOS. Follow the prompts and get a lot of money.


This is a great game! I had it before but I recently downloaded it again. And it actually remembered all of my progress, meaning I’m basically picking up from when I last left off. And I don’t really know why everyone else in the review section seemed to be having problems. I think my only complaint is that there’s to many ads. But other then that it’s great.

Also I thought of a new type of track you guys could add. I was thinking you could add water tracks and you name them “wet n’ wild!”. And I was thinking that you could make it that just like your air tracks all break off at certain points. And you have to glide to the rest of the track, at certain points the “wet n’ wild” tracks could.

Angry Birds Go hack

Go from track on land to water that’s so deep that your kart has to sail across the water until you reach the track on the land again. And I was thinking that you could add chef pig as one of the racers (after chuck of course). And make it that you first unlock wet n’ wild tracks when you reach level 12 (chef pig’s level). I can’t think of a good power for chef pig, so I’m hoping you can. I also hope you can come up with more characters. So hope you consider my idea a good one.


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