Angry Birds Transformers hacked for Android – physical arcade game with runner and scrolling shooter elements. Here are already favorite birds, and their eternal opponents of the pigs will clash in a new battle. The developers of the original series have repeatedly made gamers understand that they are not going to dwell on one genre. And now we see a good adaptation of two powerful projects at once.

As you already understood, our feathered friends have found the possibility of transformation. There is a story that tells about a clan that decided to enslave the universe. The enemies captured the Auto-Birds, however, those heroes who are still at large remained, and they will fight to the last. Now they need to free their fellows and fight off the enemy forces.

Angry Birds Transformers cheat codes

  • Box of Gems – I5QP6VLP57
  • Jenga Mode – PWI56EOI3X
  • Chest of Gems – VAL60WII56
  • Crate of Gems – 6XB3DJVWHR
  • Hot Offer – Q20R1S5LS9

Passing locations, you will shoot from the Decepticus and free up a small piece of land. The enemy is hiding in stone objects that you need to fire, and the less choirs you make, the better. After the end of the battle, an aircraft arrives after your brave detachment and transfers it to a new terrain. And if you like games involving evil birds, you can see the codes for the game Angry Birds 2.

Angry Birds Transformers cheat

The game has an upgrade system and the ability to buy new types of weapons, which will give a clear advantage over rivals. You can also change your characters to stronger fighters. For these manipulations will require a game currency, which is quite small in the game. From our site you can free download the hacked version of Angry Birds Transformers on Android with a lot of money and crystals mod.


  • the ability to play as a team with a friend;
  • pumping heroes and buying weapons;
  • a variety of characters;
  • interesting graphics implementation;
  • scan telepodov (allows you to revive the deceased character);
  • original gameplay and plot;
  • convenient management;
  • numerous locations.

Reviews Angry Birds Transformers

Addictive, fun and being a Transformers fan since childhood, love the new spin on Angry Birds. Haven’t played much Angry Birds since Star Wars version which I also loved, but this got me into it again. Give it a go!

Angry Birds Transformers hack

Great game,only problem is when anything goes wrong (which is fairly often ). It takes ages to even get a reply from the so called support team this is my reason for the 1* rating. As I’ve now this time been waiting over a week for them to reply after contacting 4 times.


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