Hacked Animus – Harbinger for Android, for free, a lot of money, cheats and codes. Animus – Harbinger – the original action-RPG, in the likeness of Darkness Rises, where the player will try on the role of guardian of the world. Speaking about the development of the plot, the story tells about the events preceding the events in Animus: Stand Alone. The visual row has almost not changed, the dynamics and depth of events will also be high. Help the ancient kingdom not to fall from the hands of Kerr and defeat the invader.

You are sent as a harbinger to the distant past, at a time when Kerr was a powerful magician and could wipe out entire states from the face of the earth. You must stop him and destroy him until he turns the earth into a dead desert. When you get to its territory – remember that you have neither friends nor comrades. Only speed, strength and a sharp ax will help you to go through all the circles of hell and defeat the universal evil.

Cheat codes Animus – Harbinger

  • Unlock Content – YENHQ54RXH
  • Tachi Set – DLIDEUQ347
  • Boost Pack 2 – 6KCSJ4ITVH
  • Gold Pouch 2 – GA7X2DD53K

Each location is a real war, a massacre without rules and indulgences. Until the very last location you have to prove your right to life, cutting the sharp blade of the sword of the orcs and other monsters standing in the way of the dark ruler. Gradually, the complexity of the gameplay will increase, so it is extremely important to improve the combat skills and endurance of your hero. Otherwise, sooner or later he simply will not be able to defeat all enemies.

Animus - Harbinger cheat

On our site you will find the Animus – Harbinger cheat codes for Android, which will expand the possibilities of Forlorn. Download the mod for free purchases and get the best blade right away, upgrade your skills and go on a journey. From now on, only the fate of all living things depends on you.

Animus – Harbinger game reviews

Animus – Stand Alone and Animus – Harbinger Exciting and Challenging above all else. The “Soulslike” PvP PvE atmospheres which dedicated players have come to both endure and adore is clearly present. Optimized for both High and Low end devices. Runs Smoothly. Supports Cloud Backup/ Restore progress, as well as Google Sign-in/ Restore Purchases.

Animus - Harbinger hack

Best Dark Soul experience on mobile. Great gameplay. I give it 4 star because the app is very battery draining and it heats up my phone like crazy. Optimize it more and its a 5/5 for me.


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