Army Men Strike hacked for android – toy soldiers, finally, are available for mobile devices. This is not just a military strategy in the network format, it is a childhood that comes to life on the screen of a smartphone. The game is designed to every detail, and the elements of additional reality will allow users to immerse themselves in all these events unfolding directly on the kitchen table.

You have a small military formation, a base that you need to not only further strengthen, but also expand, hiring new plastic fighters. At the bottom of the screen you will see missions for which you will receive rewards, financial incentives and level up. These actions will open new strategic facilities and strengthen the base. But besides this, you will often fight for the championship and territory with other users.

Army Men Strike cheat

Actually, in the fights themselves there is nothing new: your task will be to inflict maximum damage on your opponent’s army. This will bring more rewards and funds for development. However, here comes to the fore the technology of additional reality, which improves the quality of the gameplay. On our site you will also find codes for the game Defense Legend 3.

Army Men Strike cheat codes

  • Mound of Gold – EW580I8UAD
  • Sack of Gold – 6DUU32MNBX
  • Box of Gold – 876AXS9F8F
  • 30-Day Privileges – Z2EWA7BAZX

Using the camera mounted in the device, you can independently choose the location of the battle. That is, the background for your battles. This could be your bedroom, kitchen, workplace, cafe and so on. We also recommend that you use the free codes Army Men Strike for Android with a lot of money cheat. So you will get even more bonus rewards and funds for the development of your units.

Army Men Strike characteristic:

  • network fights with other users;
  • creating your own military formation;
  • the game is in an additional reality;
  • a variety of units;
  • self-select battlefield;
  • colorful graphical shell;
  • easy management.


Let me start off by saying, I’ve played these types of games ever since Game Of War came out. So I know what should be done and how things should work. I have this game 3 stars because it still has simi slow servers and there are tons of small glitches and some pretty big glitches as well.

Some small ones are, when you first port somewhere you don’t have a tag and people think your tag less. Which is fine just a glitch but a big one I’m noticing with everyone is that sometimes you will have all your troops home yet. When you go to send them somewhere, their simply gone. This happened to me while I was out attacking a hive, after about 3 attacks the game did a little lag and suddenly my troops disappeared.

Army Men Strike hack

I couldn’t send them out yet I had all my power. To fix this you have to reset your game. But what if I’m not done attacking and when I reset my game I big guy comes in and zeros me. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game. If that were to happen to me I would be all over. Complaining a storm. Also while your in the chinook if your being attacked your screen isn’t red so you have no idea if your being attacked, you should add that. Thanks for reading and please fix the troop glitch because I’m noticing it more and more. If I changes I’ll make this a 5 star. Cause it’s a really cool game just needs updating in the right places


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