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This time the game will take us beyond the borders of busy cities. In addition, forcing to experience the sincere pleasure of driving off-road. Hot sand dunes, gloomy canyons, impassable swamps will give unforgettable emotions from speed.

The choice is available more than 50 SUVs, which are divided into seven types. Here you have a hefty monster truck, buggy, quick pickups. Each type of car has its own distinctive features, such as speed, maneuverability, handling. Therefore, only suitable for certain types of vehicles. His iron horse can be improved due to the huge number of modifications.

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The developers presented a large number of game modes. In total, the player will have to go through more than 300 story missions and 1200 various tests. It is also possible to race online with 8 real people. The leaderboard will force you to enter the game every day to conquer more and more new peaks. With this you can share your achievements with friends.

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Gameloft worked on graphics – detailed car textures, dynamic lighting. The developers even introduced a change in weather conditions – now you should not be surprised when suddenly in the middle of a race it starts to rain or snow. And they change the physics and at times reduce the chances of winning. Players will be able to test their strength on a large number of tracks – on the cold snowy peaks of the Alps, in the jungles of Phuket, the picturesque hills of Coachella.

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Game Asphalt Xtreme reviews

Hi Gameloft, Your driving games are amazing! The only problem with asphalt Xtreme that I found was that I couldn’t load it up on my chromebook. I tried on a lot of diffrent chromebooks, but it won’t go to the home screen. It works on a phone or tablet but not a chromebook. Thank You, Please reply when this is fixed.

— Controls are smooth and (mostly) responsive.

— Vehicle selection is nicely varied and well-balanced.

— Earning Tokens, Cards, Limit Breakers and Coins is relatively easy and hassle-free.

— Multiplayer is short, streamlined and fun.


— I’ve had some infrequent issues with the controls becoming temporarily unresponsive on certain tracks (Gobi Desert’s Airplane Graveyard when landing after jumping from the river comes to mind).

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— Really wish we could still have the option to pay for a complete car outright, instead of relying on Blueprint Cards to complete them, especially considering that the Boxes they’re distributed with are randomized.

— Track environments could use a little more diversity (perhaps a Hawaii or Mt. St. Helens track?).

— Wish there was a more direct way to recommend new Vehicles and Tracks for the game (an alternate website perhaps?).


While it has a few technical hiccups here and there, Asphalt Xtreme still manages to offer up a good time to those who are looking for a great off road racing game. As stated before, I do wish that there was a few more options for the players – such as having a more direct way to request more tracks and vehicles – but these things don’t really detract much from the overall experience.

In the end, Asphalt Xtreme has truly earned its high marks, and I hope that Gameloft continues to make this true for all future updates.


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