Assassin’s Creed Rebellion for Android is a mobile version of a computer game that won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

The main character, Altair, is one of the members of the Assassins clan, whose goal is to stop the Crusades by any means. On the street in 1191 and the Order of the Knights Templar reached Jerusalem itself, so it would not be so easy to eradicate them. The only option is to kill the eight Saracens, which would sow panic in the ranks of the enemy.

In the arsenal of the hero there are six different types of weapons. Bows, crossbows, swords have unique properties and certainly will find their application. They can also be modified with the help of glowing balls that are scattered across locations. In the process, you will accumulate the experience of the killer, which can be spent on opening new acrobatic tricks.

The graphics in Assassin’s Creed Rebellion for Android are nice to the eye. The level of detail and effects are quite high, while the game does not consume a lot of resources. Especially pleased with the soundtrack – the main characters voiced by real actors.

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NPCs are really alive – if you just start a fight or reveal yourself, a detachment of guards will pop up immediately, and ordinary people will start to run in all directions. Control is carried out using an analog joystick and keys on the screen, so that fans of mobile action games will get used to it easily.


Fun at first but like most modern mobile games Assassin’s Creed Rebellion it gets to a point where if you want to keep your progress to a decent pace you gotta spend some real money on it.

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Also, in the second region there a huge gap between the second and third mission. Suddenly NONE of the characters I used till now have power high enough to even JOIN the mission. All the characters are fully equipped and trained to their max level. This doesn’t make sense at all.


thoughtful skill system. There are no useless talents in the game. For example, at first glance, an unnecessary pickpocket skill may be useful for convincing guards and ordinary residents;
six types of weapons with their own useful properties;
the ability to perform various acrobatic tricks;
interesting story;
graphics and sound.

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I would give this game five stars. The gameplay is fun, progression is quick, the graphics are fantastic- the only issue I have with the game is that support is absolutely nonexistent. When you have an issue or bug, you will hear zero communication about it, no matter how severe. If you put in a support request, you’ll get a form letter in return that is no help at all. Every other mobile game I play has some kind of community manager who keeps players in the loop and addresses major concerns.

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  • Forl√¨ Story Campaign – rawjnWRLAd
  • Coin Pack: Medium – gPqniA94hM
  • Coin Pack: Large – bCREeHfgNb
  • Hero Token Pack – QqQNXPmnO7
  • Pack pour Spadassin de rang Initi√© – Dr7YRXuJDU
  • Coin Pack: Big – B6ApRYn6ww
  • Legacy Bundle: Ezio Auditore da Firenze – mNh5W45qj2
  • Shadowblade Starter Pack – YOXYSnTaDE
  • Legacy Bundle: Edward Kenway – QKIxGAXQGf


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