Avakin Life Hacked – a social simulator, where each user can finally live solely in his own pleasure. It is more than enough to offer a player a project. This and the presence of many locations, resources for life, skins, clothes, in general – this is a complete imitation of modern life. Create your hero and start the passage.

A character can be anyone, even a representative of any subculture or intellectual, and all thanks to an extensive list of all sorts of gadgets on the menu. Communication between gamers passes through the built-in chat, you can exchange ideas and invite each other to visit, go shopping, clubs and so on. You must have your own housing and other supplies, without which an ordinary person cannot do in real life. If you like simulators, then pay attention to the game Avataria.

A large role in the development of the above-mentioned social aspect, because the sooner you find like-minded people and friends, the more colorful you can spend time. Visit noisy places, often walk and then you will find the right people.

Avakin Life cheat

By the way, as you might have guessed, they will all be real gamers, just like you. If you start to list all the gaming capabilities of the simulator, you can get confused. Therefore, do not rush to learn this world in one day, but gradually study it and taste all that it has to offer you.

Avakin Life cheat codes

  • Pile – LCeIDiSEVd
  • Hoard Offer – NGEfUEEWaO
  • Assortment – UUGPBmkuqs
  • Hoard – QHYeqFTDhG
  • Mound – WFzBTJswyO
  • Special Event Offer – OcHdQpsEuL

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the game the user will receive a certain amount for the first time, it will not be enough for a long time, so you need to look for work, or do it differently. Get codes for free, use the cheats in the game Avakin Life on Android. Hacking for a lot of money will provide you with everything to travel to locations, walk, have fun and get to know each other without compromising the social status of your character.


  • customization of the character (you can even make your own virtual copy);
  • dozens of locations on different continents;
  • variety of places for entertainment;
  • frequent content updates;
  • various buildings;
  • clothes and accessories;
  • communication and friendship with other users;
  • colorful graphics.


Avakin Life is headed into the right path. Nothing wrong with the game at all but I can tell you what would make it even better. For houses you should add a party feature because the house player limit is only 6 and that’s annoying because. I like playing with a lot of my friends or you could even make it to where you could purchase houses slots.

I think more African American hairs should be added like waves etc. you guys should also add ear piercings so people could really express themselves both male and female. Also some people don’t like tapping so you should add a change movement type setting. Which lets you switch to an analog stick to move around or even make it like the edit mode for housing.

Avakin Life hack

Also you should be able to explain yourself from your profile by adding like a description about yourself that people who view your profile can see. And a wallpaper too for the profile because the blue background looks rather annoying. Add more boy animation sets because the girls are getting all the good items.

Or make a designer function where we the people could create and send our creation to Avakin and y’all could approve to what you thought was best. Or even get a select few and let the people decide. I think there should be more to do as in games wise. Like quiz night should be able to be done with friends you should make like a family feud type mini game. This is my list of improvements that can really take Avakin into the next level


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