Avatar hack for android – network simulator, where every dreamy user has the right to create a virtual life in his own way. You are invited to become a completely different person, find a job of your dreams. Go on a journey or move to another city, meet a soul mate, start a family and live happy unforgettable moments.

However, in order to get all this, you need to work hard and the first step towards your dream is to create a character. Since the game offers more than enough tools, you can choose your gender, hair color, shape, race, and more. His life is in your hands, so you need to take it responsibly. Find your character a passion, a good job and begin to slowly make your dreams come true. Once you have a family, you can try to build your own city in the game Township.

Avataria cheat

Initially, you will not be able to buy a house or a sports car. It is unlikely that it will be possible to update your wardrobe either, since money is right next to it. But we have worked on this and added on this page a version of the Avatar with a burglary on the game currency.

Avataria cheat

  • Gold Card – MJBrhUjwc3
  • VIP 21 days – WiqOw7N2E3

Now you will have access to all the features of the virtual world. Walk in parks, go to parties and clubs, buy a villa, generally spend money. But do not forget that the character somehow needs to be developed. Soon you will not notice how Avatar turned into a place where it lives incredibly beautifully.

Avataria Game Feature:

  • unlimited possibilities;
  • huge world for survey;
  • creating a unique character;
  • many tools;
  • dating, creating a family and more;
  • job search, property purchase;
  • hacking for money;
  • nice visual component


Terrible game! All the people there are so rude and impolite. It’s so stressful there. I’m very happy that I’ve deleted i

👗 Choose your personal style from over 800 clothing pieces.
💄 Experiment with over 400 appearance elements, such as hair, eyes, lips, etc.
😜 Change your looks depending on your mood at any time!

Avataria hack

🛀 Choose from more than 1500 furniture pieces.
🏡 Try out ready-made design options.
⚡Get access to the VIP room to restore your avatar’s energy in a matter of minutes.

👩Find new friends in Avataria or bring your real-life friends.
😏Have fun, flirt, give and receive gifts.
💘Start relationships; become friends, best buddies, a couple, or even rivals with anyone.
⭐Compete for the title of the brightest one in Avataria and be rewarded for it.


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