Basketball Battle (hacked) on the android – basketball arcade, where you had the opportunity to become a coach of a kind of team of one person. Unlike other sports simulators, in this game you will oppose only one player, but the main task remains the same – you need to throw as many balls into the opponent’s ring as possible. Fans of sports can also have fun in the Run Sausage Run game.

It all starts with a simple training game, where you master the basic aspects of management and learn what your ward is capable of. By completing a series of simple tasks, you will be ready for the first contest in the tournament, where you need to make every effort to defeat your opponents and get your well-deserved trophies. Control of the game is quite simple, and you can only throw balls into the rings of other teams with just a few clicks.

Basketball Battle cheat

Points are calculated according to the real rules, that is, the number of points will also vary depending on the distance between you and the basket. The game has a scale of energy that will be depleted if you hold the ball longer than it was supposed to. So it would be best to act as soon as possible and throw it into the ring. A substitute player is provided for each team, you can also buy it and release it on the field if the energy of the main basketball player is at its maximum.

Basketball Battle cheat codes

  • Gold Pack 2 – woWeqGtzln
  • 15 PRIZE BALLS – mVUnNCNk12

Collecting game coins, you can upgrade characters, thereby increasing their effectiveness and statistics. With the hacked Basketball Battle on android you get even more features. With the help of cheat codes for a lot of money, the coach will be able to pump players and purchase various accessories for them. Win the games and take the leading positions in the leagues, until you become the best in your business.

Game reviews

I’ve been playing this game for awhile and been liking it more and more for what they added. Love love the new live event thing that they added it’s really really cool and definitely got me more interested. I really hope sometime in the future that we will be able to play online. With other people on one app instead of getting a second one to play online. This game will be a lot more successful if they add multiplayer to this app lots of competition. But anyways very amazing game.

Basketball Battle hack

You won’t believe how long it has been since I found a game that didn’t overload me with ads every short game. I will list the pros and cons of this app, but I give it a 5/5 star review anyways, because there is no perfect game.


-Ads only show up to double rewards. Usually, ads randomly pop up in a game, and/or base the outcome of the game by the amount of ads you have watched. For every ad you see, it gives you a perfectly fair reward (double cash and exp earned from that game), and doesn’t spoil the game

-Short 1-2 minute games allows you to take a quick break from whatever you are doing

-Simplistic single-player gameplay, comes with split screen to play with a buddy

-The only con I can offer is that you have to get a separate app to play online


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