Battle Bay hacking on android and ios, these are free opportunities to get a lot of money. Bonus codes, cheats, codes and tips, pearls and VIP status. Battle Bay is a network action game in which several gamers can take part at the same time. You can participate in battles on combat boats, both with your friends and with other users. Divided into groups of five, challenge each other. Conquer the waves of the sea and destroy all opponents who have taken the rash decision to fight against you.

Do not forget that in addition to accuracy and reaction, you will need a powerful combat vehicle, which will be equipped with guns. Choose one of the types of water bikes, be determined with the group, among which you want to join. Ask your enemies a lesson. Be ruthless and quick, be creative and don’t forget that you are an underrated opponent. This is the most serious opponent who can decide the whole outcome of the battle. Sports interest also appears when playing Dream League Soccer.

Battle Bay cheat

Now let’s talk about the classes of ships. Here you can buy a fighter, shooter, defender, camper and repairman. As you managed to understand, each member of the team has its own responsibilities, and if properly distribute them. You will be able to achieve unrealistic results. In the case of a bad agreement, your entire gang will be sunk before the end of the first round. It is worth spending time and pumping the car, which will increase its power and protective functions.

Battle Bay cheat codes for Android & iOS:

  • Medium pack of Pearls – ziXUr0mECv
  • Small starter pack – U3xNd03VGx
  • VIP Membership – 5XZabGf2yT
  • Daily deal – 4XcEkXH1fl
  • Huge pack of Pearls – vzAo3UD5Zm

The game offers a whole list of widgets for players who want to create something truly worthy of respect. Use these opportunities wisely and try not to overdo it. And so that you can play without restrictions, we offer you free Battle Bay cheat codes for android. Become a storm of the seas and lead your team to leadership positions today.

Game Feature:

  • five types of combat motorcycles designed for various purposes;
  • hot exchange of fire between gamers in the balance of power by 5 to 5;
  • several realistic locations;
  • the ability to equip vehicles with new types of weapons and other details;
  • bright graphical elements that give dynamics to the gameplay;
  • easy management.


Used to be good. I’ve been playing for about 2 years now. The recent updates have turned it slow and glitchy as hell.

Battle Bay hack

Bad match making and stupid controls. You dont need money to play. I havent spent any in 2 years. But if you want to enjoy an on the go mobile RTS from time to time, until they learn how to do proper QA and game efficiency. This is not the game to play. There are better smooth running options out there.

This game is really fun but the recent update has increased the ship agility to the point where it’s very difficult to steer the ship. In fact, trying to travel in a straight line or making a simple turn very often results in a weird and wobbly zig zag. Please fix this issue.


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