Battlelands Royale hacking – cartoon shooter for survival in real time. Since the game belongs to the now popular genre of royal battle. It is positioned as a clone of Last Battleground: Survival, PUGB and other well-known interpretations. But this is not quite so after all, in fact, besides the very concept of similarity is not observed from the word at all. And the first striking difference is the implementation of the top view, as well as the three-dimensional drawn picture.

The mission is only one – to destroy all opponents before they defeat you. In the beginning, you can independently determine the place on the game location from which the user will start his game. Then you should carefully move the terrain in search of arsenal, ammunition and other useful loot. But do not hurry, because at any moment you can be shot down by an enemy hiding somewhere in the building. Be careful – and then you will be able to go through the entire dismatch to the end. The role-playing game that allows you to participate in battles, Clash Royale, as well as bonus codes.

About game

One game can last up to five minutes, depending on how quickly the enemies destroy each other. Such a short time is due to a strong contraction of the game world. Despite this, the area is quite enough for user maneuvers and dynamic battles for survival. Each victory is a kind of upgrade, as experience provides an opportunity to rise to a higher level. The more serious you have it – the faster the additional equipment, clothing for the character and other gadgets will open.

Battlelands Royale cheat

Despite all the simplifications, this action is worth the attention of users who love competitions. You can at any time find opponents and take part in the bloody struggle to save your life. Download the updated hacked version of Battlelands Royale for Android with the original addition. After installing the mod on ammunition, you can arrange a real slaughter in locations. Do not miss the chance to become a leader in the standings and raise the level to the maximum.

Battlelands Royale cheat codes

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  • Mountain of Battle Bucks – Ru#MU2g8kPb

Reviews Battlelands Royale

I bought the season 4 battle pass and i LOVE it. I also love the new desert map, it’s so cool. Its epic that you added events to. Futureplay, you are the best. Definitely the best mobile battle royale. Such a good game and you can tell that Futureplay have put so much effort into making this fantastic game. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and download it because its so fun. Just two suggestions, please may you eventually add a burst assault rifle and trios or squads.

Battlelands Royale hack

Plz battlelands I accidentally bought a dance and all my battle bucks. Are gone can you give me a refund plz my user is jeff82 please it was. Hard work getting those battle bucks then my finger slipped please. Thank you and next time please add a thing saying “are you sure you want to purchase this?” Just so people don’t get the same problem as me….. Thank you battlelands.


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