Beholder full version on android / ios can be downloaded for free. To get the full version of the game, you can use cheat codes for hacking. Beholder – a quest arcade about an alternative dystopian future, where you have to become a secret agent of a tyrannical corporation. Here the plot will unfold in such a way that the lives of many will depend on your slightest action. And if you want to shoot, you should pay attention to the Forward Assault.

You must become an inconspicuous spy. Collect the whole file on the residents of the area and decide which of them will be punished, and who can be pardoned. Remember that in your hands the fate of individuals. Whole families and even the society, bending under the yoke of the totalitarian regime.

Beholder cheat codes

  • Blissful Sleep DLC – EJL_#3289_84E
  • Full version – EKO_#3827_23N

Because of him, in a fictional state, people cannot even communicate normally. Around some traitors who are trying to please the higher leadership, telling everyone to the smallest details about their neighbors and friends. You are sent to a secret mission in one of the multi-storey buildings, where, as rumor has it, there is a traitor. Your mission is to find him, gradually collecting information about each resident, including even children.

Working as a manager allows you to know more. Especially since you know when and who is not at home, you have access to the keys. So, it is possible to penetrate into the apartment and have everything there. Look for the slightest clues to the plot, ask, and if the perpetrator is found, hand it over to management. And here begins the displacement of the storyline.

Beholder cheat

Since the quest is implemented on making independent decisions. You have to decide for yourself who is worth passing. Perhaps you yourself do not like the current situation in the state and you want to hide the plans of criminals. But do not forget that any decision has a series of consequences. And absolutely all of them touch your post, and possibly life.

Blackmail, hide the truth, or become an experienced detective who is on the side of the totalitarian regime. Take part in an elaborate quest to the smallest details and solve a lot of difficult tasks. You have the opportunity to get free hacking Beholder and unlock all items.

Characteristic game Beholder

  • complex decisions leading to consequences;
  • numerous missions;
  • spying and collecting important information;
  • each character has a detailed life story;
  • the ability to influence the storyline;
  • original gameplay;
  • high-quality graphical shell.


Great game but, saving is such a pain! It only saves your game after the completion of one single task. It won’t save anything if you don’t complete a quest after. For example investigating tenants’ houses/profiling tenants. Please find a more convenient way for saving and I’ll give 5 stars.

Beholder hack

This is just a must have in your play store library! The gameplay is 10/10,storyline is great, and graphics are stunning.Even though this game is great, I feel that this game has more potential. For instance I wish you can add a sandbox or endless mode after you beat the game and get random generated tentants. I know this game is story driven but it’s just an idea. Overall I recommend everyone to play this game and you will not regret it. 


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