Best Trucker 2-android and iOS, free, a lot of money, boosters and codes. Unlock cars, cheats and guides for passing, tips. Best Trucker 2 is a simulator that offers to start your own freight business. The game prepared a lot of tasks on the device and building relationships with new customers. In the game, you ride the roads of different cities and will hire employees for your expanding company.

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There is a certain trading valley, where a huge industrial complex is located. When you got there, immediately realized that the business of transporting goods will become a gold mine. Now it remains the case for the small – to show that you are a responsible executor. Take your first task and go to the specified place without losing the load, then the customer will sign a contract with you and you will start earning good money.

When you collect a tidy sum, you can buy a new truck with more power and carrying capacity. This will allow delivering more goods and several points at the same time. Soon you will be given the opportunity to hire several truckers and provide carrier services in almost all parts of the country, and possibly the world.

Best Trucker 2 cheat codes, hacking:

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  • Remove Ads – O6oRAjuXLX

Locations in the game a lot and all present certain difficulties on the road and weather conditions, which will be slightly disturbed. So there is need skill and responsibility, all to deliver on time and without damage to the business.

Buying cars is not everything, because they can also be pumped, which will speed up the time spent on the road and the very quality of the work done. Therefore, if you want to earn more, try at every opportunity to improve the properties of their trucks.

We also offer you a unique opportunity to immediately get a small privilege that simplifies the gameplay. Cheat codes Best Trucker 2 a lot of money on Android and iOS for free, and you can no longer worry because of lack of funds.


  • wide range of trucks;
  • creating your own business;
  • numerous locations with different tasks;
  • hiring new employees;
  • drawn graphics;
  • simple management;
  • vehicle upgrade.

Some player reviews:

7/10. It’s better than the first game, yeet it is not what I wanted after two years of waiting. More spintires-ish physics won’t hurt (making it a bit slower, adding more gravity i guess?). Preview of car modifications would be great, could be more cars(like… some station wagon as a starter car, you have this van which is useless as you can’t load anything in it, etc). Also making different types of trailers saved realism (you can’t load 15 tonne bulldozer in a 0.8 tonne trailer, thankfully.

One of my favorite games on android. If there is a third game, I have a suggestion: to make the nodes upgradable with warehouses to temporarily store cargo to make route planning more efficient (less empty loads).


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