Bhop pro hacked into android / ios is the ability to access unlimited resources. Cheat codes for sets, a lot of money, guides and tools. Bhop pro – training game on the world of CS, made in casual pastel colors. This emulation will be most interesting to fans of the Action Case Simulator 2. Also, the game will be of interest to gamers who have long wanted to learn about its features.

There are no rabid game rhythms, shootings and murders. The main goal of this content is to maximize the use of Bunny Hop features. The so-called jumping and game control skin. In fact, this is a minimalistic platformer with a good bunch of various lotions, modes and a mini-game.

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For the development of mechanics was provided a large number of locations, as well as the multiplayer mode. There are also several game modes, each of which is designed for different groups of users. There is a simplified process of passing, where you can understand the whole principle of interaction with the gaming environment. Parkour for a more experienced gamer, as well as modes in which the difficulty will constantly increase. In each you need to score a certain number of points to go further.

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Getting virtual money can play the wheel of luck. They always play the game buns, such as daggers, gloves and much more. There is also a game store where you can purchase various items for passing. Perhaps the only minor drawback of the game is that there is no opportunity to experience the acquired skills in battle. Navigation is implemented through the stick: you just need to click in front of the platform and the skin will jump.

Despite the fact that the application is sharpened under CS, the skills gained in it can be used by the player in many other actions. Using Bhop pro codes for a lot of money, you can get the opportunity to unlock paid resources. Game sets, disable ads and other buns.

Game Feature:

  • low poly graphics;
  • dozens of platformerny locations;
  • several training modes;
  • advanced gaming equipment;
  • the possibility of opening boxes;
  • mini-game wheel of fortune;
  • simple control system.


This game is pretty good but the controls are a bit pully and if you try turning one way it pulls you 90 degrees in that direction. Not as good as CS.GO but it works if you don’t have CS GO.

First off, I love this game. I really hope it gets more updates, and possibly some of my ideas might be put it.

I love all the modes. (oh yeah, I also have to point out it’s listed as “Mods”) Surf and infinite are great time killers, speedrun and casual are great for testing skills.

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The animations for knives are great (except butterfly, but I’ll get to that in a bit)

I love the addition of multiplayer, because there’s just something about seeing another guy fly by you in surf that just makes me smile.

Now, for a few criticisms.

I know this is out of the devs control, but I have to point out that very few people are on. I’ve seen servers cap at about 16-17 players, and nothing else.

The butterfly knife animation bugs me, because it phases out of the screen and I don’t like it.

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I think knives should be a bit rarer, as in higher market prices, and no getting them from the wheel.


  • Now, some ideas I wish where in the game.
  • Guns. Not to shoot people, but to look cool, serving virtually the same purpose as knives.
  • More maps for surf would be nice, because it’s my favorite mode.
  • Add a system for chat, and maybe even a way to friend people.
  • Add more animations to the knives, or fix the ones you have.
  • That’s all I got, thanks for considering my ideas, and I hope this game does well.


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