Big Big Baller Break-in – an arcade project, the essence of which lies in the destruction of a whole metropolis. As in the game Ball Resurrection, you have to take control of a ball and hold it through the streets of the city. At the same time trying to destroy as many objects on the way. The gameplay here requires care from the gamer, because at any moment there may be an obstacle with which he cannot cope. The ball will grow in diameter with each collision. That will allow the player to make new maneuvers and get a lot more points.

The control here is implemented in the style of a clacker, that is, you need only one click to set the object in motion and absorb the obstacles in the way. One game lasts about a couple of minutes, for which you need to destroy cars, cafes, supermarkets, plants and even passersby on the street. For all these actions, you will receive a decent reward, and in the end – to lead the leaderboard.

Big Big Baller cheat codes

  • Super Gift – IPAZ54511N
  • Pumpkin Skin – 1F0TWF8RT6
  • 48,000 Coins – UWLC2YRHN9
  • Eyeball Skin – OT80PAZ4ZX
  • Santa Claus Skin – JXO4PXB8PQ
  • Frankenstein Skin – XYNA0H3MDU

The only obstacle for you will be other gamers who also scurry about the streets of this metropolis. If you do not have time to feed your ball to an impressive size, it is better not to try to absorb the player object. Because only the one with the bigger ball wins. In case of failure you will have to start the passage level from the beginning. Do not forget the developers of improvements and skins that will embellish the gameplay. Also on our site recently appeared codes for an excellent simulator Vlogger Go Viral.

Big Big Baller cheat

We suggest you use the Big Big Baller codes for android. A lot of money in the game can be obtained using cheats, you can unlock all the available balls. In addition, advertising is disabled in this variation. Fight real opponents and emerge victorious in this battle. Crush the entire city and get to the top of the world rankings.


I LOVE THIS GAME but… there are some things that need to be fixed…immediately. Ok the first thing is that when ever I tap the button that lets you try a ball once, when I go to play with the ball, it turns black and just says “get ready!” And the only way to fix it… is by deleting the game and getting it again, witch is REALLY annoying because I loose all of my progress and money that I earned from winning.

Ok the next this is it needs to be filtered a little bit better… sometimes the people have inappropriate names and it’s annoying and disrespecting to younger kids that play. I just think that should blank it out or something. Idk but please work on that!

Ok the last thing… I think it needs just better quality. I think the balls should be a lot less expensive because I played 23 rounds and only got 500 coins… I just think it’s a little much. And it’s just glitchy and weird sometimes.. it gets a little bit pixelated and funky.

But anyway it’s a really fun game, just a couple improvements and I think it will be perfect 👌 just keep those in mind and work on then if you can! Thanks!

Big Big Baller hack

Another update: This entire game is a scam. They make you think that you’re playing against real people but you’re not. Don’t believe me? Turn your game on airplane mode and play. It’s the same set of generic names it always is. Wish I could give ZERO stars.

Update: Changed to one star because the event is a scam. It resets the counter for the special event items every time you’re away from the game. This means you can basically never get enough items to win the special event balls.


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