Hacking a Big Company: Skytopia on Android / ios is an opportunity to get free sets of resources. Follow the tips and get unlimited resources. BigCompany: Skytopia – a mobile simulator in a multiplayer format. This is a huge virtual world in which all the characters will live by your rules. And you yourself will be able to realize the most unusual fantasies in the construction of the city under the sky. And if you are tired of fighting, you can always relax in the Cooking Fever simulator.

The game resembles Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, as it contains an admixture of strategy and farm. You will have many days of work on the construction of diverse buildings. Improving the infrastructure, establishing contacts with other users and many other aspects that will lead the city to prosperity.

The first thing to take care of is the availability of currency for your needs. You can earn money in only one way – to complete as many missions as possible. For example, on the arrangement of the territory, construction, care of farms. Residential buildings or companies involved in the development of the city can be located in different areas. The game has a rather unique architecture that can give your metropolis a touch of futurism or other popular styles. Moreover, each structure can be upgraded, thereby obtaining much more important resources.

You will have your own scientists working to improve life in Skytopies. After all, life under the heavens, like the needs of humanity, is seriously different here. Not in the last place will remain the strategic part, since only you will be responsible for absolutely everything and you will have to allocate resources.

So that the city flourished in all areas, and not exclusively in some part of it. This will help you trade industry and business area. With the help of which you can interact with other settlements.

BigCompany: Skytopia cheat codes

  • Large Super-Sale Pack – QHUDKaHOfI
  • Massive Super-Sale Pack – HbbEAzkNZH
  • Regular Gold Pack – EBTrQaTCES
  • Large Sale Pack – lETwTEH4hh

Thanks to the multiplayer, the gaming potential will constantly grow, because almost every day new users come into the game. Each of them is a great chance to earn more, develop a specific industry, or just acquire a twin city.

When you use Big Company: Skytopia cheat codes for Android, you will get unrealistic opportunities in self-realization. Your every action brings you one step closer to the future, which has prepared a lot of pleasant and unusual surprises. Lead your own skytopia, which, perhaps, tomorrow will become the most significant city in the entire virtual gaming world.


I really like this so far as a town/farming builder. The art and game play very sound. The first hour or so is a bit too much handholding of a beginning. I almost put it down because of this, but am glad I did not. The game does need to allow hovering on a resource to identify what it is. A package of wood looks too much like the wood it comes from. I look forward to opening the rest of the economy up but don’t see much pay to win so far.

I have been playing this game for going on quite a while now and also belong to a corporation. The problem is it just takes hours and hours for anything to update and I don’t understand why that is necessary. Also somethings are just not attainable with millions of dollars or have millions of dollars to upgrade things.

I am very very close to just not playing at all but I enjoy the corporation that I belong to after awhile. It’s like you just check in once a day and wait for stuff and you get these impossible tasks. Very close to deleting


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