Bike vs car mini racers 2019 – this is an unusual and exciting game in which you are waiting for a very funny race. The whole unusual thing is that you have to drive a fast, but toy car. And you have to race, on unusual race tracks, which are located in different rooms of the house.

Namely, you must be driving in the setting of the kitchen, office, bedroom and even the toilet. Press on the gas and accelerate your small car to the maximum speed. You’ll see, it will be a smart and exciting race, to which you will return repeatedly.

bike vs car mini racers 2019 hack

She will be able to bring to automatism your ability to race, especially in such a fun and relaxed atmosphere! Get ready to become the best racer in this game. A lot of fun is guaranteed!

Description and tips of the game:

As you understand, you have to make races on not easy, as it seems at first glance, three-dimensional tracks. Despite the fact that the game in the genre of action, the developers Timuz Games, tried and implemented a realistic physical model.

This makes the passage even more interesting. After all, you have to maneuver between objects that are arranged chaotically. In addition, you need to jump from the springboards and take sharp turns.

Bike vs car mini racers 2019 cheat codes for free, Android and Ios:

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This will help you pointers in the form of green arrows on the track. Ride with a breeze on the tables, shelves, sofas and other unusual items. But the track you need to go for the minimum amount of time, while avoiding opponents who are not very kind to you.

They can ram you, trying to push off the track. You can do the same with them. When the car falls, and the departure from the distance, you start the game from the same place of passage. But this is if you have points and so-called lives.

Having successfully completed the race, you can unlock and customize your favorite cars by crossing levels. In this game there is an opportunity to drive on numerous high-performance cars. All the improvements for your car not only here for beauty, but also really affect the characteristics and behavior of the car.

bike vs car mini racers 2019 cheat

The goal of the game is extremely simple, try to get to the finish line first and earn the maximum points. Rush along the most varied routes, perform flights and tricks. You can also use the new Brave Soul Heroes for free.

Game features:

And also interfere with opponents, using bombs, mini and all sorts of devices. Car simulators have never been so exciting, with such an incredible driving game. You are given a lot of cars in the game, different game modes, more than 30 levels.

The game has 4 types of race: contour, knockout, speed trap, elimination. Easy leveling and control of the machines make the gameplay incredibly exciting. Bright and colorful 3D graphics and dynamic music make the game exciting. In addition, you can play for free and it is available on Android and iOS devices. Good luck!


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