Block City Wars a lot of money for android can get every player for free. Cheat codes work on Android / iOS platforms. Block City Wars is a colorful three-dimensional action game whose graphic style is very similar to the currently popular Minecraft. So if you like cubic elements and interesting gameplay features. You are welcome, especially since we are offering a hacking game, offering to smash all restrictions and just enjoy the virtual battles. On our site you will also find codes for another popular pixel game Block Strike.

The first thing to start the game with is setting your character. Developers offer to determine the gender of the character and even his race. Try on his various robes and shoes. Extensive capabilities will create a unique fighter in a few clicks. This is a very useful feature especially if you decide to play online with other gamers.

Block City Wars cheat

In multiplayer mode, it is imperative for all players to interact with each other. It will allow to transform the gameplay and saturate it with spectacular situations. True, you should know that it requires a constant internet connection. As for the single-player campaign – its gameplay is almost identical with the GTA. There is an original storyline with dozens of missions. In this case, you can easily dive into the game world and carefully study it, interacting with the environment. Arrange shootouts and fights on city streets, do whatever you see fit.

Block City Wars cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • 2nd Coins Pack – YEIKLTH0G2
  • Envelope of cash – 8QWHLMDEP1
  • Case of coins – WE3NYU26ZN
  • Case of cash – C46WP53NXH

As already noted at the beginning, the graphical shell is made in the popular minimalist style. The game has a lot of lotions for the character, including weapons. Nice textures and rich sound effects are perfectly worked out. Therefore, due to this, the player quickly plunges into the pixel world. And the best part is that using a hacked Block City Wars using cheat codes. You will receive a tidy amount of virtual funds on your gaming account that you can spend to purchase any item you need.

Reviews game Block City Wars

Game is fine. My brother enjoys playing this and likes having me play with him, hence why I bother downloading this game. HOWEVER, this is how I found my problem. I can’t ever join him because EVERY room is full and we can’t ever find one where we could both play together. PLEASE FIX THIS. It would be really helpful.

Look you see I have a mid problem about money making. I really need a faster way of making money so maybe make it so that well cash is less rare and give you more because. I really need a faster way, so yeah.

Block City Wars hack

I have another thing to say, all right so I wish that sports helmet give you 35 armor. And its speed is combined with low fi and hi fi and anything that decreases your movement speed won’t effect. But a little bit to effect and for the heavy weapons a little bit more movement speed decreased.

Than the armor that decreases your movement speed! Also make things cheaper and increase the amount of gold rewards! All so make it so that in single missions I can be the leader of old city zombies.

And make them do what I want them to do instead of making them hostile because I use a zombie skin. I got to say i want the see block city wars at its old new city and old looks in the Christmas update. Please bring back the creator of this game! And add campaign about me for revenge and make old city be the ruins of old version of new city!


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