Block Strike hacked for android is an interesting dynamic multiplayer shooter for your mobile device similar to Minecraft. The game certainly will not get bored and allow you to have fun with friends. Gather your team so that it would be much easier to win at battles of battles. Unite into large clans to communicate and open access to unique game events.

Now the game has 15 game modes, strikingly different from each other. Here is a list of only a few:

Team combat is a common game played together with friends, a clan or alone;
The Hunger Games – try to survive on a map with limited resources;
Zombie Survival – along with the team, hold off the attack of a horde of zombies;

Block Strike cheat codes

250 000 cash – CWVtMTem3F

25 000 gold – xgNmO7zC2c

Bunny Hop – practice your jumping skills at special locations;
Death Run – win the race for life and death.
The developers of Block Strike have created 60 different maps, differing in their textures and architecture. Small ones are suitable for playing by a small company, huge ones are used in clan battles. There are also more than 40 types of weapons, sharpened for different styles of play: pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, cold weapons. You can also turn on the action game Simple Sandbox.

Block Strike cheat

Change the external style of the character, you can use skins available in the game store. They can be bought for game currency, received for victories in battles. You can customize and weapon – change its color and stick the stickers that fall out of the cases.

The graphics in the game is simple and pleasant. It is made in a cubic style, which became very popular after the release of Minecraft. The soundtrack is simple and perfectly complements the gameplay.

To get a lot of money, you can use Block Strike codes. First of all, it is an opportunity to gain an advantage during the passage.

Block Strike reviews

It’s great and all, but the game lags and crashes so many times. I’m tired of the game crashing in the middle of a fight. Why the hell does it ascend from 200 ping to 4000 ping in a matter of seconds? My ping is fine on my other games, but not Block Strike. Please fix this.

Block Strike hack

Nice game! but can you put these weapons and stuff in it? ( 9mm, drangnov, secondary weapons can be dual weild, some suits add up your health, scorpion, minigun: ps, it has to cost 12,500$. MP5, slincer option, M1 grand, chainsaw, and zombie skins!

Hello rexet studios. i am here today to report a very annoying bug in the game. when i try to select a weapon, it wont let me select anything and wont let me exit the armory without closing the game itself. same thing when joining a match or looking at the score. for now i will rate 4 star. please fix this bug and i will rate 5 star again. thank you for your patience, and have a good day!


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