Blocky Cars hacking, free of charge, a lot of money, unlock items and weapons on Android and iOS. Tips for passing, boosters, a lot of money, unlimited resources, tips. Blocky Cars is a mobile racing action game with elements of a simulator. The game offers you to move to the cubic world in the likeness of Minecraft. Where you will build various designs of military equipment, as well as check it, going on the battlefield against other users.

For you, the developers have thought out dozens of varieties of blocks, they need to be used in construction. And yet – an extensive arsenal (rocket launchers and other powerful guns), which may be in your hands. How to use the codes in the game Block Tank Wars 3 you can also find on our website.

Blocky Cars hack

In fact, you are given absolute freedom in manipulation and design, now the main thing is to work smoothly with your fantasy and realize your plans into reality. Experiment, try to modernize your technique, give it a formidable look and, of course, do not forget to pick up the coolest gun. Well, after that, go to one of the arenas, where the seven menacing opponents will be waiting for you.

Blocky Cars cheat codes, hacking:

  • 250 000 coins – 8F_8PZVZRU1
  • 15 000 gems – A7_UNQJPHZ7

One location holds no more than eight characters, there are more than a dozen of such places, and each time the game process presents something interesting. The tactical side is no less important here than upgrades and crafting, because even if there is no well-thought-out plan, even the most powerful killing machine will not save you. Earn points and game tools for all these improvements, and become the best fighter.

Blocky Cars cheat

You can use Blocky Cars Online cheat codes for Android and iOS. Get a lot of money, unlock levels and codes. He will allow you to feel the freedom to choose any accessories, weapons and blocks. Do not deny yourself anything, build a wheelbarrow, which will be the threat of all players.

Some player reviews:

Quite a neat game but the maximum number of guns on your car should be increased.after the new update there was a energy gift u can get if u complete something. After i completed it, the reward did not come. I dont know whether if i did not wait long enough cos if so, please make it faster. How much time do we need to wait? Even after 15 mins it still did not come.

In my opinion this is an excellent game. This game allows to to create vehicles how you want, with lots of blocks and upgrades what you can create is only limited to your imagination. There are other modes if you are not interested in the vehicles.


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