Bouncemasters hacked on android, a lot of money, coins, gems. Cheats and codes, guides, tips and boosters. Bouncemasters is a mobile timekiller in which gamers will teach penguins to fly. As you know, these birds are not endowed with the gift of floating in the sky. Therefore, at your disposal will be a huge polar bear with a bat, which will run the whole process. Beat as hard as possible for the penguin to fly away. Collect valuable bonuses and try to set a new record.

After the penguin is in the air, the player should control his flight by means of simple tapas on the display. Along the way, there will be not only coins, but also various obstacles in the form of animals and buildings. They should be skillfully bypassed in order to fly as far as possible. Despite the variety of locations, the gameplay can be called infinite. Since the flight will last until the animal hits a seal, elk or other obstacle. On our site there are also codes for the popular game 2.

Bouncemasters cheat

After collecting the required number of coins, you can unlock new levels with completely different animals and difficulties. Also provides an upgrade system for characters. This will improve their capabilities, simplify maneuverability and collect bonuses. You can jump on animals, thus, pushing off from them and flying away even further. But be careful, because at any moment a penguin can be eaten by a hungry predator.

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  • X2 coin reward multiplier – uKTjU26kUv
  • Stack of gems – zyiOqYJLQD
  • Diamond Membership (1 month) – DzqEtCLwIz
  • Box of coins – hb9zU2sLo7

The graphic shell implemented in the drawn 2-dimensional style deserves special attention. Funny heroes of history and bright locations endow the gameplay with colorful tones. Due to this, it is almost impossible to break away from the process. We suggest you make the game more interesting. Use Bouncemasters cheat codes and get a lot of money, coins and gems on account.

Bouncemasters game reviews

I’m giving this game a 4 bc it’s a cute little game and the polar bear hittin the shoot….ayee! but the ads are annoying. its unenjoyable. After every hit round theres an ad every click theres an ad. Like bombarded with ads. I get you guys get money from it but relax..

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This game overall is highly addictive and a fun game to pass time. But the one thing that ruins the experience is the cringey “hip” dances. I understand this game is targeted at a younger demographic, but if you want the get as large of an audience as possible.

It would be nice if you could stop trying to act “cool.” You May think that pre teens and teen alike enjoy these kinds of dances and that they’re the new wave of dance. But take it from a teen- all of these dances are done ironically. No one actually thinks they’re cool, people do these dances because we think it’s funny making fun of these stupid dances by doing them ironically.


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