Buddy Toss hacking for a lot of money, disable ads, new records. Tips and guides, cheat codes on Android / iOS for free. Buddy Toss – a casual game for attention and speed. Your character bad pumped banks in the training room. And now he decided that he is so strong that he can throw a person up to heaven.

In order not to upset the hero, you need to catch the right moment and toss the thin boy than higher. For this you will receive pleasant rewards. The essence of the game is simple, as in Rise Up, but it is also addictive, like any other clicker.

Buddy Toss cheat

Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye is bright characters of characters. And there are more than a dozen of them in the game. Inflated guys look ridiculous and ordinary, which definitely uplifting. Despite the fact that the game is infinite, it has a large number of locations with original decorations. And if you do everything right – you can see the cosmos at all. Click on the display at the right time and toss the thin one as far as possible. To see your result, just look up the screen.

Buddy Toss cheat codes

  • Double stars – kjoEBuiUqP
  • Remove Ads – m6arMN5Cu8

Unlock additional levels, characters and other lotions occurs as you progress and accumulate funds. Therefore, you need more to play – and then you will be able to see what each of the represented bodybuilders is capable of. Cheat codes Buddy Toss on android will do it faster. Codes for a lot of money will unlock valuable items and boosters. Discover all the characters of this funny story and set your first record.

Buddy Toss Game Feature:

  • stylish locations and vivid scenes;
  • more than a dozen bodybuilders with special skills;
  • upgrade system available;
  • there is a leader table;
  • clear control.

Game reviews

Can you update the game I reached max height. And I was at the same screen for about 200 billion kilometers. I completed the game in just 2 hours. It was fun but can you update for something past the exploding planet I reached about 1/5 of 1 Trillion.

So this game is very fun but problem is that I went passed the rocks I went to the last of the game I want you to make it go higher out of the galaxy.

Buddy Toss hack

Whenever I click to make the guy through the human it never works and it isn’t my phone that is making the problem.

This game is really fun but once you reach a certain height it becomes nearly impossible to determine. When to click to toss him back up and go even higher. Once it reaches the bottom 3 planets he hits the ground no matter what. I think it’d be much better if there was a smoother transition between space and earth rather than the jump-cut feel it has now.


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