Call of Mini: Zombies hacking a lot of money for free on Android and iOS. Tips and guides passing, boosters and codes. Crystals, coins and a lot of money. Call of Mini: Zombies – online survival shooter with cool characters and gameplay. At this time, the developers of the series offer us to plunge into the world after the raging epidemic. Use the codes in the game Zombie Avengers: Stickman War for Android, iOS.

It was she who became to blame for the fact that now living people no longer walk on the streets of cities, but only their pitiful shells. Embark on a journey, simultaneously destroying numerous species of the dead. Staying alive is your main mission, so recharge and get ready for the hot and dynamic levels in which you will be tried in every way to devour the bloodthirsty zombies.

Call of Mini: Zombies hack

Hacked product offers players as many as 13 types of various weapons that can be upgraded as you progress through the game. Earning money occurs through the extermination of zombies, and you must very quickly get up to speed, so as not to be eaten in the first stages. It is worth noting the variety of types of opponents themselves.

Call of Mini: Zombies cheat codes, hacking:

  • 350 000 coins – YgMU_ZFMsx3
  • 350 000 crystals – kVPH_cwZv1U

Here you will meet zombie nurses, green monsters and lilacs, zombie dews, dead policemen and many others. In addition, at the end of the level you are already waiting for a hefty bosses, which in no way will allow you to go further. Only one way out – a bullet in the forehead to everyone who opens his mouth to you.

Call of Mini: Zombies cheat

In principle, the actual earnings of virtual currency are possible only by killing the infected, so do not hesitate and give them heat. And in order not to think about the lack of finance, use the Call of Mini cheat codes: Zombies for a lot of money, crystals and coins. Buy any gun, pump it properly and begin the hunt for the dead. Also in the hacked version available free purchases in the virtual store.


  • colorful graphical shell;
  • the ability to change the skin for the character;
  • 13 types of weapons;
  • represented by a choice of about ten characters with unique characteristics;
  • 12 varieties of zombies and bosses;
  • dynamic action with original solutions in the gameplay;
  • hacking into money and shopping.

Some player reviews:

We’ll I’ve played this game sense I was 8.But as I’ve played there’s not really a lot of things I can do.There haven’t been any updates. And of course i love the game it’s just upsetting that I can’t play the game anymore 🙁 Lately I’ve tried to play but it doesn’t let me.Please update the game for the people out there who love and enjoy the game.I doubt that i will see this game update again.

It is a good game but it changed. The online modes do not work anymore because it too old to work. The only thing you can do is day mode that is offline . That the only thing about this game.


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