Hacking Car Merger for a lot of money, disable ads, unlock cars. Tools, guide, cheat, codes & tips. Car Merger – mobile timekiller with an entertaining gameplay in the style of Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon. Studio Voodoo offers players to earn some money on auto racing. At the same time become the owners of the whole stadium, parking, and in the near future – a unique collection of rare models of sports cars.

Unfortunately, the player will not be able to adequately evaluate all his acquisitions, since the graphics here are implemented in retro style. However, it is she who is most suitable for gameplay. Voodoo games are always exciting and interesting. Helix Jump codes are also available on our website.

And so, after launching the game, you will see a racing track that your cars drive. It should be said that this process is automated, and you take absolutely no part in the race. What matters is what will happen in the center of the display.

Car Merger cheat codes

  • Remove Ads – A2GMeWaKAJ
  • Unlock all items – 20Eq67acM8

Cars get there, among which you need to find the same ones and by means of their connection to pump the possibilities. So they in the next game will bring more bonus points. And also help open additional cars. By the way, there is a large number of transport here, so there will always be something to strive for.

Car Merger cheat

It is important not to forget about the improvements of the stadium, parking lots and cars. After all, they bring you all the profit. But since this process is time consuming, you can bypass some of the rules. We suggest you use the cheat codes Car Merger for Android with some improvements. Through the promotional codes, you can get a lot of money, unlock items and disable advertising.

Game Feature:

  • create your own autosport business;
  • buy dozens of wheelbarrows for racing events;
  • work on improving performance;
  • build new tracks for high incomes;
  • participate in the distribution of bonuses.

Reviews game Car Merger

I really really liked this game; it’s very fun and addicting. But I had to delete it because of the ads. You’ll quickly realize that roughly every other time you open the menu, an add plays automatically. Adds play automatically at other points at well.

Car Merger hack

While it is extremely annoying to have ads interrupt you unprompted a couple times every minute. It would definitely be tolerable if you could mute them. I’ve tried everything, turning off my ringer, adjusting (muting) the volume within the game. Attempting to adjust the volume in the settings app, but none of it works.

Adds will still play at random moments, blaring at full volume. The only thing you can do to stop it is to actually mute your entire phone. It’s insane to me that an app with such a fun premise has such a glaringly obvious flaw but because of this, I had to delete it. Hopefully someday they will resolve this issue, but until then, be warned.


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