CASE: Animatronics hacked on Android & IOS, full version of the game, boosters and codes. Disable advertising, passing tips, boosters and tips. CASE: Animatronics – adventure quest with extremely complex gameplay. Like the game Escape From The Dark Redux, the passage here is based on the use of numerous items, but this is not all. You should listen to your feelings.

After all, you will be immersed in darkness and the only thing that can save you from meeting with a robotic maniac is your hearing. Solve logic problems, try to find a laptop and use it to use building resources. You can also scare, cheer and pin up in the game Troll Face Quest Horror.

CASE: Animatronics hack

A sabotage took place at the police station: an unknown person infects the security system of the premises and releases an animatronic, a real killing machine, to the hunt. Police officer D. Bishop was unlucky, he was locked up with him, and now you have to help him recover the system and escape. Do not try to fight this terminator – it is many times stronger. Your only trump card lies in cunning and enterprise.

CASE: Animatronics cheat codes, hacking for Android & IOS:

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In all the offices of the site there are certain things that will allow you to solve puzzles and protect yourself. Move slowly, because somewhere along the way there are already traps. Animatronic will always find you, so you should not stay in one room for longer than the situation requires.

With the help of a laptop, you can peep the floor plan to find out where the generators and knife switches are located. Gradually performing story quests, you will learn more about your opponent and will be able to understand how you can overcome it, surviving.

CASE: Animatronics cheat

A hacked version has been added on this page. Cheat codes CASE: Animatronics for Android, which can be obtained free of charge, following the instructions. With this trick for many lives, you will manage to solve all the problems and get out of this sinister place.


  • dark atmosphere with a three-dimensional implementation;
  • a large number of cabinets and puzzles in them;
  • interactive elements;
  • realistic sound track;
  • use of items found;
  • well-considered plot twists and turns;
  • classic management style.

Some player reviews:

This game is so cool and awesome and it is SUPER DUPER SCARY! When i got jumpscared, I LEGIT jumped out my skin and fell off my chair! I would very much recommend playing this game to anyone who likes FNAF fan games and horror games and who like to scare themselves! 5/5 stars from me!

Now the game was awsome. Just one problem, it seems that. When you hide and the cat animatronic goes around you it sometimes just gets stuck there (inside the vent and outside the vent). And that makes it impossible to escape because when you get out of hiding it just kills you. Also the audio options dont work at all I tried to turn music and voice down. And keep sound all the way up so the sound of the ombionce music and the characters voice dont drown out the noise of the animatronics.


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