Case Opener Ultimate hacking for a lot of money, tips and guides. Free, unlimited money, passing tips on Android / iOS. Case Opener Ultimate is a mobile application that simulates the opening of boxes in the popular online shooter Creative Destruction. As you remember, at some stages of the passage in Kontra gamers are invited to play mini-games. Thanks to them, you can get in your arsenal of new types of weapons, as well as elements of ammunition. The opening of these cases is paid, so few players can afford such luxury. The simulation offered by us makes it possible to open absolutely all the boxes, without paying a penny.

First of all, this tool is designed for those users who dream of seeing the rarest instances of weapons in their collection. And they almost never come across in a normal game. But you should know that even collecting the entire arsenal, you can not use it in practice, that is, move to the game will not work. Boxes are divided into several types, each of them also has its price. When you deposit the required amount, you can pick up the trophy or exchange with other users.

Case Opener Ultimate cheat

  • Block All Ads – NUXFEQYEY9
  • Buy 15000$ – CZJVNAYYLR
  • Buy Offline Mode – 515APODRSZ

The game interface is completely identical to the original, so you will just understand how it all works. In addition, there is a convenient navigation, which you can quickly get used to. Real money is not needed here.

Case Opener Ultimate cheat

We have foreseen everything, so after downloading the simulator you will receive a huge amount of funds on your virtual account, which you can immediately spend. And you can do it for free with the help of cheat codes Case Opener Ultimate for Android. This method is available to everyone, for free.


  • ranks and achievements;
  • simple imitation of the extraction of weapons from the boxes;
  • all types of weapons and ammunition are available;
  • rare specimens;
  • hacked version, giving the player the means to pass;
  • skins and souvenirs;
  • sharing with other users.


This game is a great time passer and is very addicting. I would like a trading feature to trade with game center friends. I also think it would be cool if this game had sticker capsules including the katowice 2014 capsules too. I would give it a 4.5 if I could. PLEASE ADD a favorite feature so when an item is favorited it can’t be sold. Just accidentally sold a Factory new D-LORE!

Case Opener Ultimate hack

The game was fun for a while but when I got over 18k the game got boring because. I would open a lot of expensive items and lose them in the jackpot which feels very rigged. I put a karambit tiger tooth mw stat track and 2 mw howls and lose to a 1% loss on a high jackpot.

If you would make the jackpot more fair and realistic so you don’t lose 3k in skins over. A couple safari meshes and add a custom case feature or more special cases that are more high risk. High reward for people who rich and want a better experience. And something different and exciting rather than the highest priced case which is only 100$ to spin over and over or open normal cases to get skins not worth your time.


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