Castle Clash hacking is an adventure network fantasy strategy with exciting graphic elements and numerous possibilities in creating your unique army. After installing the game, gamers will be transferred to the forgotten Middle Ages. You will have some means to start building your possessions and hiring units to protect buildings. It is important to pay attention to those buildings that will serve as training bases for fighters. Also do not forget about the depletion of resources. Therefore, the first thing you do is to build facilities where you can mine useful items.

Initially, you will have a little time to get up to date and arrange their possessions. However, remember that temporary protection is not for long. If a player attacks his army on you, most likely, it will be defeated in a few minutes. MAD ZOMBIES codes are also available on our website.

Castle Clash cheat

So the first thing is to strengthen the rear of buildings, hire units to protect and go to capture the territory of a weak enemy. With us you download the hacking game Castle Clash with a lot of gems. From the very first minutes it will allow acquiring the most important elements to start a battle.

Castle Clash cheat

16,800 gems – JEO_#3892*732

The game has attack and capture modes. The first involves hiring soldiers and storming an enemy settlement. The second is an arena or capture of an enemy’s castle by certain characters. The game is well thought out strategic part, due to which you can carry out various manipulations during the battle.

Castle Clash hack

Choose multiple types of units, use magic and make a real-time army permutation. Castle Clash codes will allow you to get more gaming capabilities, the main thing is to use these privileges correctly and very soon you will become a legendary commander who will lead his soldiers to victory.


  • the construction of fortresses and other structures;
  • create your own army of unique soldiers;
  • tactical elements;
  • various resources to help the player;
  • network action strategy with unique solutions;
  • several game modes;
  • superb graphics


If I could I would give more stars because this game constantly gives you a reason. To play it’s an extremely fun game and why people say it’s a pay to win game. It’s not. you can play for free and still get very far and plus the offers are awesome if you want to buy. I recommend this game to everyone because it’s a spectacular game. I’ve been playing for years and it never let me down. And I will not stop so thanks IGG for making a game worth playing.

I’ve spent 6 months, too much money to admit to and over 50,000 gems attempting. To win a legendary hero card and have never received anything. This game is a scam to steal people’s money, period. Avoid at all costs.

Am so addicted to this game been playing for a year and a half now. I already have many legendary heroes and their skills well nurtured. Not a single penny spent and am better than most players even the ones that buy. Just stay very active and pay attention to events


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