Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games hacked forAndroid – a strategic card-style project with massive battles. Game mechanics are similar to popular projects in this segment, for example, Clash Royale, where two opposing armies fight to preserve their towers. In order to quickly understand some aspects of the developers provided a training mode, which we advise everyone to pass.

Before the fight, your opponent is chosen randomly, but his level of development cannot be much higher than yours. On the battlefield visible fortress, located one against the other, and in the center there are three green lanes on which players must release their units.

The game has a scale of energy, so you can call fighters only if it is filled. Try to carefully weigh everything and not release those warriors who will bring minimum benefit, since the energy is restored long enough.

Castle Crush cheat

The reward for winning the competition is chests with valuable cards. Unfortunately, the cards also fall out in random order, so you can receive the same copies several times. But do not lose heart, these cards can be upgraded skills of existing fighters. To get more boxes and unique cards in them, we suggest you used cheat codes.

Rewiev Castle Crush: Card Games

It’s a great game, great concept, great characters. The only thing is it feels like the game learns your hand and specifically places u against enemies with whatever your weakness is no matter how you change your hand, then holds the cards you need from being available when you most need them.

You can go on a 10 game winning streak, then suddenly the strategy will not work anymore because the cards you minted just will never be available anymore when you need them and you’ll start facing only opponents that have your weakness in their deck. Forcing you to change the cards in your deck then repast the cycle when the game has decided you can’t win with that deck anymore.

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Extremely frustrating game. So frustrating that I’m considering just not plaything anymore. I was up to 4000 trophies, then suddenly one day could not win a match anymore. I dropped all the way to 3100 before winning again. And the exact thing happened to everyone in my clan. Something clearly changed that day.

Makes me no longer want to play the regular game, only the side games. Too frustrating being that you have absolutely know control over the cards that you’ll get dealt. You often already know when you’re going to lose before the match really gets going by how they start you out. You can see it coming. This game went from fun to just making me sad…

The game has colorful cartoon graphics and smooth animation. There are many characters, thousands of real opponents and many improvements. Visit the app daily and get additional rewards that will help you quickly establish a powerful army.


  • types of units;
  • various devices and magic for war;
  • upgrade of castles and heroes;
  • several game modes;
  • PvP fights with real opponents;
  • several original locations;
  • working codes Castle Crush;
  • there is a Russian translation;
  • need constant internet access

How to hack Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games?

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