Clash Royale Chest Simulator hacking on Android and iOS, get a lot of money, unlimited resources. Cheats and codes in the game for free, passing tips, boosters and tips. Gold, precious stones, chests and sets. Chest Simulator for Clash Royale is a utility that allows you to simulate the opening of boxes in the well-known network strategy of Clash Royale.

The main task of additional content is to show users the gaming experience. This is a completely self-contained application, which means that the player cannot use the acquired items in the original, but rather cannot be.

Chest Simulator for Clash Royale hack

Content navigation and, in fact, the very process of obtaining unique things practically copies any simulator of this segment. If you have come across such utilities before, find out what and how it will be a matter of one minute. This is a good opportunity to get, finally, those valuable things that almost never fall in the original. Here you can collect entire collections, decks of cards and even generate them.

Chest Simulator for Clash Royale cheat codes, hacking:

  • 150 000 gold – HM_efcKGvMv
  • 15 000 diamonds – Sl_uZLIGzMP

There is not much to talk about the visual component, as this is a complete and accurate imitation of the original idea. Even audio tracks are saved here, which completely moves the user to the atmosphere of the strategy of the same name. Participate in the collection of useful tools, purchase unique cards, participate in the draw of bonus items and exchange existing collections with other users.

Chest Simulator for Clash Royale cheat

It was mentioned above that the content is presented exclusively in the fact-finding and entertainment character, therefore you cannot spend your collections in strategy. However, this does not prevent you from spending your time pleasantly and profitably, learning more about the game. We can get Chest Simulator for Clash Royale cheat codes for Android and OS for free and get a lot of chests. Already open all the incredible features of this application.


  • generation of own decks;
  • all game content is presented;
  • collect unique collections of rare instances;
  • card exchange;
  • simple and convenient interface.

Some player reviews:

This app is really fun. I just got it last night and today I’m already getting commons maxed. In the regular Clash Royale game their we like 81 or 71 cards in total. And their needs to be the draft chests and the lightning chest and fortune chest. Please add those, that’s why I have a 4 Star. About the cards this simulator has 65 cards. Please update to today’s Clash Royale! It would mean a lot.

This app is amazing. I’ve played it for and hour straight and I’m feeling so good about my self. Don’t hesitate to download. One fix that is greatly needed is when you get a legendary out of a super magical, sometimes it says 256/2 when you really only have 3


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