Clash Royale-free with cheat codes on Android and iOS. How to get a lot of money, gems, gold and boosters. Tips and guides during the passage, bonus codes and tips.

Clash Royale – network card strategy in multiplayer mode. Using the assembled deck of various combat units, the gamer is obliged to capture and destroy the enemy towers, while trying to protect their own possessions. Qualitatively thought-out military tactics will allow to win much more lands and gradually rise to the leading places in the rating. But do not underestimate the enemy, whose chances of winning are yours. Real Steel Boxing Champions codes are also available on our website.

Clash Royale hack

The irreconcilable clans again unleashed bloody wars, only now everything is much bigger. As a new army commander, you need to collect as many units as possible to defend your fortress. Pay attention to the defense, build barracks on the territory for recruiting recruits, build mines for the extraction of useful resources, without which there is nowhere. It is with their help that you can develop, build defense towers and pump your cards.

Clash Royale cheat codes, guide, tools:

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Fights in arenas with real gamers can end with an unforeseen outcome. However, you can team up with other users, it will provide some protection, and in difficult times you can ask for support. In addition, your lands will be attacked by monsters that can not be left alive, otherwise they can soon spoil the entire gameplay. Also pay attention to the stock of manna, it affects the magic and other skills of the characters.

Clash Royale cheat

After fights you will be provided with chests of cards. Pay attention also to the improvements of your units, otherwise any next battle could result in the collapse of the whole kingdom. The Clash Royale codes for a lot of money is an opportunity to get unlimited coins, crystals and elixir. Also here are all the pumping, which will significantly speed up the gameplay.


  • competitions in arenas with real opponents;
  • various trophies, prizes and chests with cards after each battle;
  • the creation of clans;
  • colorful graphics and animation;
  • infinite number of battles;
  • improvements for units;
  • building defensive structures.

Some player reviews:

The game crashes when I try to spectate 2v2 touchdown battles. It loads up to 100%, then it crashes. Also Prince is really high in HP for his DPS and being 5 elixir as well. I think that this should be balanced. I lost 500 gems on the global tournament, only the legendary chest came through, even though I got 14 wins, so PLEASE FIX THIS! They restored the bonus rewards, so Supercell does care about “fair play”.

Do not play this game today if you intend on doing so, you are already too behind. the ranked system in this game makes absolutely 0 sense. There is no promotion or demotion, only promotion. This means that if you’re lucky you can easily climb the ladder if every opponent you face you have a counter for their card. Yes there are strategies but the bulk of the game is seeing an entire persons deck and either saying “Easy win” or “I lose game over”. Awful design system and ranked.


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