Clumsy Ninja hacked into Android and iOS, tips and cheat codes. Boosters and tips, unlock characters, gems and coins. Clumsy Ninja – arcade, telling the story of one of the most awkward guys who decided to become a ninja.

True, this absurdity plays a cruel joke with him, everything falls off his hands, whatever he takes. And fighting techniques turn into some kind of circus performance. This guy is a complete disappointment for the teacher, but he has a good goal, because of which he decided to become a martial arts master.

Clumsy Ninja hack

More recently, his beloved was kidnapped, but since the guy is not the standard of strength and ingenuity. He goes to study with you, his new Saint Sey. The gameplay takes place in the villa of interactive training, where the character must gradually learn various techniques and get rid of his shortcomings. Start with the development of basic knowledge, show simple techniques with which he learns to control his body.

Clumsy Ninja cheat codes for Android & iOS

17 500 gems – LR_HRD4cfBL

150 000 coins – Wm_CneZYBvh

Very soon, the hero will be able to go on the first task, so he will consolidate his knowledge and move on to new stages of training. Soon the goal of the game will also be the collection of seventy items that are scattered in locations. All these subjects, one way or another, will help the ninja in learning and searching for stolen love.

Clumsy Ninja cheat

Meet new characters, take advantage of each training and create a fighter from the mattress. And this will help you hacked version, Clumsy Ninja cheat codes for android, which you can use for free from our site. A lot of money and crystals will speed up workouts, and purchase new outfits.

Characteristic game:

  • a variety of tasks and events;
  • nearly a hundred training items;
  • three-dimensional visual design;
  • easy management.

Game reviews

Hey! Just so you know, I LOVE this game! Every challenge, every photograph, every time the Chicken goes on my screen… But one of these challenges stood out to me. The “Face Yourself” Challenge. It requires “The Shadow” Punching bag with Sensei saying “Get The Shadow punch bag. It’s the dark, mysterious one…”

Now if you are also a Sonic fan like me, doesn’t this sound like a Shadow the Hedgehog reference? Shadow the Hedgehog is dark and mysterious. The Shadow punch bag is in Shadow’s colors: black and red. Plus, Shadow is Sonic’s rival. At first, SEGA made it so almost every character in Sonic Adventure 2 thought Shadow was Sonic and that it was Sonic who stole the Chaos Emerald. Sonic calls him “faker” because Shadow almost looks exactly like him. And they almost equal in power, if not one of them has more. It was almost as if Sonic was facing himself…

But hey, I’m just guessing a bit here. You are probably trying to describe a ninja being the punch bag. Or maybe you aren’t. Oh well, I still love this game anyway. Thanks for creating this!


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