We present you a new and quite successful version of the game Construction Simulator 3. In this mobile game we return to the European continent. Here you will discover the pastoral region of Illertal, including the city of Neuitaysh. This is a simulator of construction sites and roads, in general, the entire infrastructure of the city. She is one of the most successful simulators.

Use the new hack Construction Simulator 3 for free and quickly. Here you are free to invent and fantasize, because the plot of the game you write yourself yourself. You just become a part of this game. Enjoy the wonderful landscapes and beauties of the alpine foothills. Also, use additional features using the new hacking Clean Road for free.

Construction Simulator 3 cheat

This is your hour, show and prove yourself or just spend time enthusiastically and interestingly. Let all the work ahead, it will not be hard work, and bring you a lot of pleasure. Be creative, and create, because there is a creative component.

Description and essence of the game:

Cheats will allow you to get a lot of virtual currency. This game is dedicated to various types of construction work. You have to build buildings, build and repair roads, and this is all with the help of technology from real life. To do this, licenses were purchased for the use of machines in the game.

In this game you have to go from a small service provider to the largest construction magnate. To do this, you are offered many opportunities in 70 challenging missions.

To successfully complete all these missions, you can count on using 50 cars from 14 brands. Moreover, it is officially licensed machines. You can use the E55 compact excavator, or the T 590 track loader from Bobcat.

Construction Simulator 3 cheat codes for free:

  • Get + 50 000 Money for free – Qd-I9WA0RJG
  • Block Ads – Bh-VEL7I19Q
  • Unlock + 4 items in the game – Mk-EP2YORIS

He solves the tasks like landscaping and landscaping. MAN trucks are ideal for traveling to a gravel pit. Use all the features of the rig. Use it to create deep foundations and build bridges.

You need to explore the map well for 10 km 2, in three different zones: in the village where your company is located, in the industrial zone and in the city.

Construction Simulator 3 hack

The main bonus in the game is the presence of the function – the view from the cockpit, which was kindly provided by the developers of astragon Entertainment GmbH. Now you can enjoy the game, from the inside of each car. Manage massive cranes, load building materials, pour concrete and lay asphalt on the streets of the city.

Game resources:

Be engaged in construction, and earn free money. Be sure to invest this money in the development of your company and business. Unlock new contracts and equipment for your growing company.

Use the growing fleet of vehicles to come out of any challenge with honor. Sign new lucrative contracts, and perhaps in the future your company will develop by leaps and bounds. Grow and earn well. Codes Construction Simulator 3 will help you get more resources.

Game features:

This is a very exciting and instructive realistic game that has wonderful 3D graphics and wonderful gameplay. Accompanied by interesting and dynamic music. Very realistic physics machines. In addition, the game is completely free, and is available on Android and iOS devices. Playing this game is a great pleasure. Good luck!


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