Hacked Cooking Fever, a lot of money, unlimited coins, precious stones. Tips and guides, cheat codes for free. Cooking Fever – delicious arcade with elements of the chef simulator. The application will open for you incredible opportunities not only to create amazing dishes.

Also in the expansion of the restaurant business. In your hands will be dozens of recipes, a variety of components and an eatery from which only you can make a prestigious institution. Hundreds of customers will come to your restaurants, also with families. On our site you will find codes for a similar game My Cafe – Restaurant.

First, determine the location, these are different places in different parts of the planet, this is where you can open your own business. The main component of your future success is speed and tasty food. The faster the waiters will take orders, and the cook will prepare the dish, the more satisfied guests will be. This will entail a lot of accolades and new regulars, respectively, and your profits will grow. So watch the timer and try to issue orders on time.

Cooking Fever cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • Diner Pack – FIp4jHuQDR
  • Bistro Pack – r7x61CxCu7
  • Buffet Pack – EtigItMiQU
  • Cafeteria Pack – XfBxbc4HUR
  • Restaurant Pack – AsUNfUloA1
  • Chef’s Mystery Box – Xdt0WviQN7
  • Tasty Pack – ujheDBlRWy
  • Crispy Pack – g4Ll5i5P8Z
  • Delicious Pack – W7YWsJjsSl
  • Juicy Pack – MhCJPTn4Ri

Very soon you will be able to buy not only a standard set of products, but also more expensive items. In turn, you can experiment with even the simplest recipes. Adding to them something of their own original, due to which your fast food can quickly become famous. Perform more tasks and go to new business levels, where you will be entrusted with the management of a cafeteria or even a prestigious restaurant. Save money, refresh the interior and menu, work for the good of your establishment.

Cooking Fever cheat

So that you do not have problems with purchases, and the gameplay does not turn into an ordinary version of earnings. We suggest you use the free cheat codes Cooking Fever. First of all, it is an opportunity to get a lot of money and diamonds. This in turn will open for you all the privileges of the gameplay. And you yourself will very soon become a famous chef who may be able to create the most delicious dish in the world.

Cooking Fever game reviews

This game can be challenging and make people mad at the game and destroy whatever they are playing the game with. On the other hand it is fun and challenging in a good way to make people think harder and encourage themselves to become a cook when they are older. I like this game and it really builds up my stamina for school. I think that you should give more dimonds per level so people can afford more things in the game.

Cooking Fever hack

This game is challenging and fun. Graphics are good also. But, this game is expensive to play because much of your successes or leveling up are based on using GEMS. You don’t earn enough FREE GEMS to be successful in the game. So you have to buy gems and more gems to pass levels Love the Chefs Special for 1.99! ALSO. If you miss collecting the 2 free gems daily, you start collecting daily free gems after 7 day wait At least your progress isn’t lost. Overall. Very entertaining


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