Crazy Dino Park hacked – an archaeological project with elements of a logical quest. As you progress through the gameplay, users are invited to look for various types of prehistoric monsters, gradually creating dinosaurs in their likeness for their own park. You will participate in amazing expeditions, find artifacts that will later allow people to populate the park with many creatures. The game is made in an animated format and has an incredible set of various resources.

The game world offers very interesting activities, including the management of an entire empire of entertainment. You will need to come up with attractions and attract as many people as possible to the park. This can only be done by finding dinosaur fossils. More digging – more material for breeding updated specimens. Dinosaurs will grow in special pens, where they grow up and become strong monsters.

Crazy Dino Park cheat

By the way, with the necessary amount of material, you can display some hybrids – perfect individuals and killers, which later will participate in PvP-battles. Yes, there is a network mode and battles against other gamers, which makes the gameplay just an explosive combination of action, puzzle and time manager. For the development of the park, any applicable methods will do; the main thing is not to stop, to raise funds for new expeditions, upgrade our players and earn more.

In order to assemble a team of the strongest individuals, you will need to pump their combat characteristics to the maximum. A lot of money Crazy Dino Park for Android will give you unlimited resources for the improvement of the park and shopping. Download the modified version and go on your first expedition.

Review Crazy Dino Park

Love this game, however I can’t see the level 7 arena fight. It is finished at level 6 broken bench fighting club. Please fix this bug as my mission needs me to complete level 8 fight club!

Crazy Dino Park hack

My expeditions keep crashing after I click to have more digs. I end up losing out on coins and no bones, especially when I’ve dug up the electric dinosaur pieces. Disappointed.

Fun game
Needs more objectives. I have completed them all.


  • archaeological component;
  • the possibility of collecting dinosaurs;
  • breeding new species of unique individuals;
  • development of an amusement park;
  • mode fights with other gamers;
  • an incredible amount of resources and parameters;
  • upgrade system.

Crazy Dino Park cheat & codes

  • 15 000 Gems – W5_FEkZZ34o
  • Piggy Bank – A2_yMkOfutU


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