Creative Destruction hacking on Android / iOS, bonus codes and cheats for free. Network shooter with mechanics, copying Grand Battle Royale. With the popularity of the royal-survival genre, competition among developers is growing. Each studio is trying to surprise gamers with their gameplay solutions.

This time we are offered a perfect crafting system and the complete destruction of the environment. That is, you can destroy, blow up bridges and buildings. With all this, do not forget that hundreds of gamers eager for victory lead the hunt for you, and the locations are narrowing by the minute.

Creative Destruction cheat

The virtual world is divided into ten locations of four kilometers. Exploring it, you will find an arsenal, ammunition and resources to create other objects, such as mines, walls, barns, and even ferries. But first you need to find a weapon.

To protect yourself from players who have probably already figured out your location. At the very beginning, you will have access to only one type of object – the “destroyer”, which allows you to destroy buildings. In it, you can defend and collect the necessary positions for crafting.

Creative Destruction cheat

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Be invisible – and then you can achieve high results. Choose a special tactic: it is not necessary to enter the battle when you see that several players are already engaged in a shootout. You can wait out and kill the surviving fighter. Despite the fact that the game was dubbed the clone Fortnite, it can be noted the striking differences in the gameplay, making it a somewhat unusual representative of the royal battle.

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Creative Destruction Game Feature:

  • well thought-out three-dimensional world;
  • more than thirteen locations for confrontation;
  • crafting and destruction of objects;
  • up to a hundred gamers in one dismatche;
  • huge amount of resources;
  • several game modes.


Creative Destruction follows very closely to the other BR mobile games. And that isn’t necessarily bad. One of the ways that they have tried to make it different is by having characters talk. This isn’t a good idea! When you get on the Air Taxi, every single time there’s an annoying voice line from someone that lasts the entire length of the flight. And since there’s only about 3 different lines, you here the same speeches again and again and again and again!

Creative Destruction hack

Also, the hammer dude is okay, but him talking as well is a bit unnecessary. Along with this, the ‘tutorial’ isn’t actually over when you get to the menu. Your first game is basically just bots, so it’s an easy win for everyone.

As with most mobile games Creative Destruction, there’s so much stuff on the menu. That’s trying to get you to buy things that you might as well give up on trying to get anything with just the in-game currency. At the beginning of each game there’s a sequence where the “best dressed” players are shown off. Again just another scheme to get people to buy things with real money. Then again, it’s a free app so what can you expect.


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