Hacked Dan the Man: Action Platformer for a lot of money. Cheat codes for android, gold coins, sets. Dan the Man is a great platformer that will allow you to have fun hours of free time.

The main character was a simple guy living in a small village. Everything was good, until one day deadly enemies came to his lands, having kidnapped his beloved. Fortunately, the character for many years engaged in the study of martial arts, therefore, is able to easily fight back any opponents.

The game features a large arsenal of various weapons. Starting from simple pistols and melee weapons, ending with grenade launchers and bazookas. You can replenish your inventory, simultaneously improving it, with the help of coins. Recently on our site there are codes for the popular game Mr Gun. Please note cheat-cod.com collected hundreds of codes for the most popular games.

They will fall out of enemies and for completing each level. The better you pass the task, the more money you can earn. This version of the game is hacked for money, which will give you the opportunity to immediately get everything you need.

Dan the Man cheat

  • Premium (remove ads) – vhyplza16i
  • 1,000 Gold Coins – 1pH6zsf3Gj
  • Barry Steakfries – nfIYMm46k0
  • Winter Campaign – b0oQLjCBfF
  • Knight Suit – fF6eAPRW5d

Each level will be more difficult – the number of enemies will grow, while they will become stronger. Sometimes in order to gain access to the next stage, it is necessary to fight with the boss. You need to be careful, because you can die not only from opponents.

And from a large variety of traps. You can play as the main character, and for his girlfriend. But we should not expect that this will somehow affect the skills and styles of combat, because only the appearance changes.

Dan the Man cheat

Codes Dan the Man: Action Platformer will allow you to unlock paid sets. The game has good pixel-style graphics that will please fans of good old platformers. Very dynamic gameplay will not get bored for a second. Not for nothing in the name of the game there is a mention of action.

Game Dan the Man reviews

So first let me say thaT I love this game! Perfect platformer to take you back to old school with a new graphics twist. Second I love the costumes ect. Now the bad… I bought premium thinking I’d get the additional content.

Dan the Man hack

But no I’d need to spend $12 dollars on top of premium to play the additional content. That’s insane pricy for 6 more levels. The option to get the Santa campaign for free is cool but its impossible for me at least to achieve. So beware the premium is kinda useless.

Very good game i’ve loved it but before i got premium some ads wouldn’t play on my device, so i had to open and close the app just about every time. The only problem so far.


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