Dancing Line-a lot of money on Android and iOS. Using the cheat codes in the game, everyone will be able to access unlimited coins and valuable resources. Dancing Line is, at first glance, a simple arcade game, capable of tightening for tens of hours.

The gameplay is quite monotonous – you only need to hold the line to the finish, driving it from side to side. At first glance, it is easy, but the constant increase in the speed of movement and the number of obstacles makes the game a real challenge. Already on the first level, many difficulties may arise. For successful completion of tasks you need to constantly improve your reaction and the ability to quickly make decisions in difficult situations.

Dancing Line cheat

Developers provide the player with several lives that are regenerated over time. They will allow you to resume the game from the moment you lose, which can be very useful if you need to set a new record. Also life can be bought for real money. But this version of the game is hacked into coins, so you do not have to spend money.

Dancing Line cheat codes, hacking:

  • Remove Pop-up Ads – DTE_ZARY8W4
  • Skin – Zeus – XYI_J3J63RF
  • Level – The Faded Alan Walker – YIW_G574FTV
  • Large Coin Box – X47_JEDW8NM
  • Extra Cubes – A3T_8KN22YT

The graphics in the game is simple and made in a cubic style. Cheats Dancing Line codes for a lot of money, this is an opportunity to gain an advantage when passing. The textures are quite beautiful, and the game levels are atmospheric. You will be pleased with their diversity – here you will find deserts, snow-covered forests, and colorful paths in parks.

Dancing Line hack

Management is simple and is carried out by pressing on both sides of the screen. Another important component of the game is music. It perfectly complements everything that happens on the screen, sounding in the rhythm of the movement of the line.

Some player reviews:

Paid for Ad-Free, latest update killed it. Last week I paid the $5.99 (yeah, it’s pretty steep, but I love this game and wanted to remove ads) to remove the many ads after each level. With the latest update, they completely changed the way you get cubes (what you need to play any level). Instead of refreshing idly with a 2 or so minute timer, now it makes you run completely out…and then either watch an ad to refill it or wait an ungodly amount of time. It completely killed this game for me.

I freaking love this game! its got a few ads which isn’t the best thing in the world. but there’s an easy fix just turn off your data or Wi-Fi. I love the music it’s a great time waster it is just an overall great game I see nothing wrong with it. just sit back tap your thumbs and listen to some beautiful music


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