Day R Survival hack for Android (full version) is one of the best survivals after Westlans Survival that takes you to the post-apocalypse world.

The game takes place in the USSR, which in 1985 was subjected to a nuclear strike. Radiation and the blast wave destroyed all living things – forests turned into scorched deserts, only ruins remained from former megacities, and living creatures either died out or turned into terrible mutants. Now the main character has a long way to go home to his family. On the way he is expected to betrayal, disease, hunger and frustration.

Special features

Quests The game has a well thought-out assignment system that will introduce you to many characters. Their life history and character;
craft. It is almost impossible to get a whole object surrounded by complete devastation, therefore you will have to create weapons, armor and tools yourself. You can use everything that is on hand;
pumping. Choose your own development path – become a physician to help those around you, a mechanic, to simplify work with a technician, a chemist, to create new drugs;

Day R Premium cheat

Living world around. To dive into the gaming atmosphere, the developers have worked to change the time of day, weather conditions and the seasons. There will always be dozens of types of opponents around – rats, zombies and other animals. It was created Kolo 2500 locations of the Soviet space with its unique buildings and monsters.
man is the main enemy of man.

Day R Premium cheat codes

  • Free version – DRVM4RR3RA_93
  • Maximum resorses – NWKCEJFYCW_83

Try to survive in multiplayer mode, where everyone takes care of his own life. It is at times more difficult to find weapons, clothing, food or medicine. Or try to make friends with other players in the chat. Suddenly you will manage to overcome all the difficulties together and create your own whole clan.

Day R Premium hack

This version of the game Day R Survival hacked, which at times will simplify its passage. In the menu you will not find annoying banner ads that only spoil the graphic design and interfere with the gameplay. All content will be open, so you can immediately visit all the desired locations, armed with the best weapons.


Hello The game Day R Premium is excellent, there are practically no analogues. Thank you for your work. Everything suits me. But there is only one wish. Is it possible to add an exchange system in the online mode, as in Steam, for example, when the goods are visible on both sides and the exchange occurs only with the consent of both parties. And it often happens that the second side does not pay for the goods and disappears. And in any way not to return it, and it is a pity spent on extraction of time.

Everything is super! 👍🔝 Thanks to the developers for the step-by-step combat system. What else should be added: 1. Free game outside the plot with spawns anywhere on the map. 2. More comic pictures for different situations (meeting the enemy, rain, events, etc.), a picture of the enemy or locations in the corner of the screen at the meeting, etc. All these innovations would improve the game even more.


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