Dead Trigger 2 hacked – the second part of action-shooters around the world of the zombie apocalypse for your device. The extinction of the human race is inevitable, the virus has spread throughout the land. Those few who managed to repel the walking dead, are now trying to regain domination on their home planet. You are the very hope of humankind for life, but in order to fulfill the mission entrusted to you, you must pass through all the gates of hell and at the same time remain alive.

In a minute you will plunge into the world of chaos, where the destroyed streets of cities are roamed by zombies looking for living flesh. Just shoot from the crowds of the dead – not the most acceptable option. Because sooner or later they can squeeze you and gobble. Also pay attention to the excellent strategy and codes in the game World Conqueror 4.

Dead Trigger 2 cheat

Try to seek shelter from where you can kill monsters without harming your character. Each location increases the number of zombies. Little by little all the new mutations of the dead appear, much stronger and more. Sometimes killing even one enemy will become a daunting task, so acquire new weapons and pump your hero.

Dead Trigger 2 cheat codes

  • Small Fortune – 7vo3frwQlo
  • Permanent Money Booster – nyT0axmv7v
  • Payoff – nt2IbrdSIH
  • Gold Bath – atcLkjaPGd
  • Trust Fund – 6Ms8YZj0dh
  • Area 51 Pack – yDdg2TFBKz

Explore desert areas where you can discover valuable resources for survival. Since the holder is emptying quickly enough, you have to shoot as accurately as possible. However, you can use Dead Trigger 2 burglary with codes for endless rounds of ammo. So your chances of being uninfected or eaten increase several times. Attach to other resistances created by the survivors, and together exterminate the terrible effects of the virus that turned people into the walking dead.

Dead Trigger 2 hack

If we compare the game with the first release, almost everything has changed here. Starting from graphics, which will delight gamers with bright drawings and new types of opponents.

Finishing the atmosphere and gameplay, which has become at times exciting. Dead Trigger 2 codes deserves the attention of connoisseurs of quality games in all plans, this is a really cool shooter that can give a head start to many action games about the zombie apocalypse.


Good game I recommend to download. It’s fine graphics, everything is great… except one thing… I don’t really like the fact that you can’t pick any gun and that you have to tell your gunsmith to craft the gun / melee weapon. other than that though, the games great.

Let us pick our guns and I will rated a 5 out of 5. Another thing, like I said the graphics are good but they have that unusual texture I can’t really explain the texture, however though the texture is used a lot in cheap games.

The ads. I feel very drawn to exit out of the app after every mission. When an unskippable ad plays almost longer than how long the last mission was. I like the arcade gameplay and I think that more blueprints could be dropped. Also find a better placement for ads. Even if that means making the missions more exciting or longer. I would happily watch an ad then.


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