DEER HUNTER CLASSIC hacked for a lot of money) for android is one of the best realistic and fascinating games in the genre of action. Glu programmers managed to win the hearts of many users, especially the most grumpy critics. The process of the game is to competently develop your strategy hunter, housed in a sheltered area, tracking animals.

At the initial level, the user has in his arsenal a traditional rifle, which is not distinguished by the presence of good characteristics. In the course of improving the character and passing new levels will appear more substantial weapons with more powerful parameters. Rifle and assault rifles, shotguns and other guns. With each transition to a new level, the parameters of the weapon will grow. In power, in capacity of the store and many other special features. And if you like simulators, then try it Township, in it you can create your own city.


After the player determines the choice of a gun, then the first mission awaits him. Basically, the first level does not have a difficult passage, for example, it can be the capture of any animal that will be nearby. In the future, as in all games, as the character grows, the level of difficulty of passing will increase. For example, to detect a certain animal from the whole herd and then shoot at a certain target from a specified distance.


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Above all, the main character has vital energy, which will decrease after completing the tasks. But when the character moves to a new level, the energy will be filled in full. For those players who are not used to waiting, a special store has been created in the game, in which you can buy packages with energy for a small real cost. Well, if you don’t want to buy energy and weapons for real currency. Just download the mod, or used hack DEER HUNTER CLASSIC with us for a lot of money.


Thanks to the work of developers, the graphics of the game world is created with a high level of quality and close to reality. A high degree of detail of all elements of the game, and the harmonious sound of the music will let you feel all the magnificence of the gameplay of the virtual world.


Lots of fun.. However I’ve put a hundred into this game and my phone messed up and lost out on big time guns and everything else.. can’t get my money back, so I started building a new profile a would appreciate if you guys would put 1000 in gold on this new profile. that would help correct the problem. thanks please contact me technical support?

Amazing game! I just wish a little more attention to the bucks were addressed like how many points are on the antlers. not a big deal overall, it would just make it a little more like real hunting and a little more cooler.


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