DOOM 3 hacking on Android and iOS, get a lot of money, boosters and codes. How to get the full version of the game on Android, iOS. Get access to weapons, god mode. DOOM 3 is an unsurpassed and even legendary horror shooter with a sci-fi bias for a mobile platform. Unfortunately, only relatively recently, a full-fledged port for smartphones was created, and we can again enter deadly battles against space monsters.

As well as sometime in the good old 90s. I would like to say that this is an analogue of a computer DUM, so it will be of interest first of all to gamers who have crossed the age mark of 20+. DOOM 3 is famous for its long introductions and interesting sketches, which are also preserved here. Improved graphics, and now all the battles and monsters look much more realistic than before.

Doom 3 cheat

The year 2145 was a real event for humanity. On the planet Mars, the government opened an entire center for the study of teleportation technology, which was once frozen by the inhabitants of the planet.

DOOM 3 cheat codes, hacking:

  • Download full version – VcN_Ya10s9w
  • God mode – CvD_OB0MLKR

You are going to Mars City in order to ensure the safety of scientists and, first of all, you need to find one of the researchers. Very soon you will learn that the device under study was a trap for terrible creatures sharpened inside. By their carelessness, the staff opened a pandora’s box, and all the researchers turned into creatures that even did not resemble a human being.

Explore the maze of the center, exterminating the zombies and monsters that came out of the underworld. In addition to the constant clashes with monsters, you will also have to solve simple puzzles, look for secret passages in the locations.

Doom 3 hack

In the cult action movie you will find a lot of interesting chips that will not let you get bored for a second. It conveniently implemented a control system for a smartphone, as well as the most terrible atmosphere for which millions of players in the world fell in love with the game. DOOM 3 cheat codes can be used for free by anyone on any of the mobile platforms.


  • possibility of individual settings;
  • many mazes;
  • types of monsters and other enemies;
  • various weapons and upgrades;
  • cool GUI and gameplay.

Some player reviews:

Took like 10 trys till the download completed and finally installed 🙁 was like giving up after a while. it stopped at 60% and started again every time. But it installed 2 or 3 h later in progress and lots of bandwith.

This game is incredible. Every aspect is top notch. The visuals, sound, gameplay, story are all perfect!! I actually like that it moves you around. You only control the aiming. Hold on, I know that sounds bad but in a lot of iPhone games (trust me I have 200+) the movement and aiming can be hard to do. In this game you can still take cover when needed and dodge fire. The movement is actually really good for FPS on the iPhone based on other FTS’s out. It is a true DOOM game. I am loving this game. This game is absolutely worth the $10!!! Buy now, you won’t regret it.


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