Dragon City hacked – mobile strategy with elements of the farm and PvP-mode. This fantasy universe will introduce you to funny creatures from which you must forge real fighters. By performing simple drag care activities, you will be able to grow hundreds of species of these creatures. Build your own dragon village, protect it from enemy raids and participate in online fights against the forces of real users. Also on the site you will find reviews and tips for new and popular games.

On this island you can find more than a hundred species of dragons that belong to the top ten elements. This means that most of them have special magic and combat abilities that need to be developed as they pass. To start discovering dragons, as well as raising offspring, you will need to go through simple quests for building construction for resource extraction and incubators. To increase the combat level and strength of the creature, you need to find him a pair and cross it – in this way you will receive a perfect warrior.

Dragon City cheat

An important aspect of the protection of the village will be the camp where you can train dragons in combat craft. Discover their skills and send to the battles against individuals of other players. Around you will be many cities created by users. You can be friends or enmity – of course, you decide. Unfortunately, PvP-battles are only a conditional component, passing on the machine – you only need to choose a hero for the battle. The winner receives bonuses, jewels and the ability to open additional game resources.

Dragon City cheat codes, Android, IOS:

  • Box of Gems – 54RQY1JG5G
  • Get a BOOST and become a Dragon – 4STL6X10U7
  • Sack of Gems Discount 20% – UOQS92S2NV
  • A few Event Points – BNK5TH7KE8

Use Dragon City codes for android, cheats for critical damage. This will greatly increase your chances of winning a dishonest battle. Unlock all the dragons, rebuild the whole dragon empire, and create an invincible army of fire-breathing creatures.

Dragon City Game Feature:

  • bright design of the virtual world;
  • hundreds of types of dragons belonging to different elements;
  • upgrading and breeding new individuals;
  • network battles;
  • farm with enhanced gaming capabilities;
  • variety of missions and quests.


Very fun i play it every day, and it has 0 ads unless you click on them. But i can’t connect to my high level account. I don’t have a facebook, can anyone think of an idea too add google play connect too insure that anyones account is lost. like mine. hopefully the developers see this. P.S. this is not a hate comment, please put the old graphics back. or just put a setting, OLD NEW and those could be the buttons and it will reload the game and put old graphics on.

This game is so addictive and im obsessed! Amazing app and so much fun. I love how you can just keep on breeding different dragons and how you can discover so many new dragons. I would definitely recommend this app. There was one fault that i found really annoying. Breeding dragons and hatching eggs take really long(like 16 hours long).


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