Dragon Hills 2 hacked for a lot of money for free. Cheat codes for Android and iOS. Unlock items, a lot of money, boosters and tips. How to use hacking, where to enter codes for coins and gems. Dragon Hills 2 – a dynamic zombie arcade for mobile devices. Dragons exist now, but they live in the sea and you can feel it in the game Fishing Strike.

The game is notable for explosive locations, where the user, having ridden a huge fire-breathing monster, is to destroy, destroy and destroy everything around. Return in time, prevent the apocalypse, return the planet to its former appearance and become the hero of this story.

It all started when the world was devoured by a terrible epidemic that destroyed almost the entire population. You are visited by a general from one of the remaining armies and are proposing a risky business. Take a trip into the past in order to avoid a catastrophe and zombie population. He gives you a box with which you can do it, but in a strange way you lose it almost immediately, and now you need to go in search of it too.

Dragon Hills 2 chea codes hacking for Android & IOS:

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Your companion will be a ten-meter creation, a fire-breathing dragon. This kind of pet can dig tunnels in the bowels of the earth, gnawing its way with one mouth, making its way through the crowds of infected and destroying everything according to your obedience alone.

Dragon Hills 2 hack

For the tasks you will receive coins, they need to spend on upgrading reptiles and unlocking new levels. Use the cheat codes of Dragon Hills 2 on Android & iOS, get a lot of money. This will allow you to get more features and quickly increase the level.

The game has an interesting plot of the plot, which leads to unusual adventures. The visual component is made in an amusing style, but the gameplay itself is replete with tough situations, explosions and devastated areas. Go through dozens of locations and return the right to existence to the world of the future.


  • locations with destructible environment;
  • more than 20 towers;
  • numerous enemies and leaders;
  • purchase of weapons and equipment;
  • dragon skill upgrade;
  • easy management;
  • beautiful animation;
  • dynamic gameplay;
  • hacking for money.

Some player reviews:

3 things that keep it from a 5 in my opinion. 1. when your Dragon becomes faster than decent you start to outrun the little crate power ups and only your head can activate it no late tail grabs!? 2. I like a challenge but I think if you scaled the dang acid back 2% on later levels I would play more than 5 minutes I like the acid but dang it is persistent. Meh I forgot the third. Awesome game though I spent a bit o cash on it.

Dragon Hills 2 cheat

I love everything about the shop and the dragons. But the dragons are too small. The destruction is cooler and I enjoy how the acid doesn’t instantly kill you. I’m hoping the levels won’t repeat. Everything else is fine. But there could be more dragons. That’s all. It is a very interesting story and I understand it.


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