Dream League Soccer 2017 hacking on Android / iOS – free coins, bonuses and codes. Dream League Soccer 2017 – a football simulator, presented by the studio First Touch. Here you can not only recreate your dream club and push it to the leading position. But also to build a football stadium, where hot meetings with other teams will take place. In addition to sports simulators, you can pay attention to the game Jurassic World Alive. Codes are also available on our website.

As is usually the case, you need to decide on the captain of your team. You will be offered a choice of six players from different countries, all of which have differences not only in appearance, but also in the technique of the game. To understand the overall picture, the developer suggests visiting the field for training purposes. Where you yourself will learn the first steps to the tournament: possession of the ball, hitting the target, passes, scoring goals. Well, after that, you can go to conquer the arenas of world football with peace of mind.

You can set up the game scheme yourself, that is, the arrangement of the players according to their ranks. This will allow you to think through some nuances in the tactics of conducting the game at the stadium. There are several modes, but as always, the most addictive is multiplayer.

Dream League Soccer cheat

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In the game you can participate in tournament competitions with other football fans. However, you will be pleased with the presence of intelligent enough artificial intelligence. He makes unforeseen attacks and behaves professionally at the stadium.

Dream League Soccer cheat

From our site you have the opportunity to get a lot of money in the game using the cheat codes Dream League Soccer 2017. Hacking will offer even more privileges in buying the best players who you can train better and win more tournaments. The game received realistic graphics, amazing effects, as well as the ability to create videos with the game of your club. For those who became a fan of this game, we suggest you use bonus codes.


  • realistic gameplay;
  • creating your own team;
  • six captains with individual skills;
  • competition for possession of seven cups;
  • development of football players;
  • personalization of the form;
  • convenient management;
  • several game modes;
  • qualitatively recreated AI.


Please DLS team, the recent update has made the game so easy. Please fix this and kindly make the game challenging. I’m scoring 10-0 and 15-0 against Barcelona and other “big teams” I would be glad if i can set the difficulty level myself. I WANT LEGENDARY!!! DO THAT AND I’LL GIVE YOU 5 STARS.

The only change I want to see is a difficulty change in the AI because. They are very easy even if I don’t hold down B when defending so please make a difficulty setting because I want a challenge. I played and still play the first Dream League Soccer game.

Dream League Soccer hack

Which I love to death it’s flippin amazing and I love all the changes made to this one there are more free kicks. More fouls on the opposition and you can’t cheat your way through with watching ads anytime and getting 39 coins. Each time now you can only do that after a game which I like.

One complaint is when I run toward an opposing player to steal the ball my player is assisted. In his running and moves behind the opposing player and I have lost MULTIPLE games because of that so fix this please or make an option to turn that off because with it on it makes the game so annoying. Overall incredible game with awesome features fix some of it or change but I can’t wait to see what comes next.

UPDATE: Make goals outside of the box more probable in ever division those goals make the game more exciting instead of running past every defender with one player and scoring from 5 feet out.


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