Drift Max Pro: Car Drifting Game hacking using cheat codes on android / ios. Mobile game in the genre of the drift races simulator, which has a rich set of tracks and sports cars. The visual component of the game is implemented in modern three-dimensional graphics. In addition, there are physical elements that bring the race process to reality as closely as possible. More entertaining race Hill Climb Racing also has the ability to use codes.

Gameplay offers users the five variations of passage. A classic drift game where players pass only one lap, which will show who the real knight of the roads is. Speed ​​skating predominates in slalom, but street racing should be extremely careful. After all, dozens of obstacles and unrealistically sharp turns can instantly stop the competition. In the “before the first collision,” you should drive like a real devil. However, try not to kiss the hood of the fence.

Drift Max Pro cheat

But besides this, you can choose a free ride and practice on the winding tracks of the most incredible tricks. Before the start of the race you are invited to take a test race. Here you will learn to fit into the turns and to drive your vehicle well. At your disposal will also be a good fleet, where you can buy the most powerful upscale items. The game has a full pumping cars, where you can change not only the appearance, but also individual parts.

Drift Max Pro cheat codes

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In this game, everything is fine, including the graphical shell. Cars on the tracks look as realistic as possible. Due to what the gameplay turns into a real race. Learn to drift and earn your first reward as a street racing. And for this we suggest you use the Drift Max Pro cheat codes: Car Drifting Game. It has special features, which adds to each of your successful arrival a thousand units of game currency.

Characteristic game Drift Max Pro :

  • modern graphic elements and good detail;
  • can customize management;
  • dozens of first-class wheelbarrows;
  • five game modes;
  • customization and upgrade of wheelbarrows;
  • game with elements of physics;
  • realistic trails.


Surprisingly generous for a mobile game. All cars, tracks and customizations can easily be earned through gameplay – as it should be. I’ve been playing intermittently the past 5 days and I already have the A-Class Supra decked out in pearlescent. The graphics are pretty. Prettier than CarX in my opi.

I am a big fan of racing games and the thing I enjoy the most to do is drifting. This game provides a fun drifting experience with easy to learn controls. The customization is amazing, and I love the paint liveries. Wheels, and other available accessories to change on your car. The car list is also amazing.

Drift Max Pro hack

Out of all the pluses, there is one issue that is annoying. It isn’t a bug or glitch, but something that feels missing. The axle width of some cars is horrible. Especially in the wide body Honda CRX, the wheels hide in the body and it leaves a more than a foot big gap in between the wheel and the end of the fender. Can you please fix this issue so that the wheels fit better in the kits?

Overall, 5 star game. It is a game that I enjoy a lot and catch myself playing a lot.


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